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Protests Become Fertile Ground for Online Disinformation



Protesters in New York City last night, counted down to an eight PM curfew and defied it. Donald Trump has called in the military to clamp down on protests that continued across the United States and police presence was heavy, but the demonstrations last night were largely peaceful. The city of Philadelphia also continues to be under curfew after several days of protests and looting, and as in many other cities, we've seen images of police advancing on protesters, shooting, tear gas and firing rubber bullets. The Associated Press calculates that across the United States. At least ninety three hundred people have been arrested since the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. A is a Philadelphia activist who ended up in the thick of things on Monday afternoon at of concerned for her safety. We are not using her last name shot. Hey, good morning! The morning. They were much for inviting. Thanks for. Joining us. You are marching on the highway in Philly on Monday, what happened? Yes I was so we actually started over by the police precinct in another neighborhood, it was completely peaceful march through the city past city hall We didn't end up over on highway until much later towards the end of the protests long before curfew started, and we ended up. Being kind of diverted there. There had been police who follows throughout the entire The entire coach Ash and it was almost as much as them as there were of US Bay clearly had is on us, and they kept setting up roadblocks almost as if to divert us in the direction like which they wanted us to go. Same thing happened on Saturday and they trapped us. so this time when they put roadblocks the six thirty six dollars right there, so. The organizers suggested you know. Let's go. Let's on the expressway and did and that's when things kind of went incredibly downhill. And what do you mean describe what happened as you say when things went downhill? So we marched out on the expressway, we had our signs on me. Were chanting Saint George Lewis Name San Taylor's name and we ended up walking down the expressway. We went on the other side, so we were in oncoming traffic. We were stopping traffic, but we were doing our best to get out of cards way and the videos that were recorded show that we were staying away from the car's. Not a single car was touched. There What's was it like for there you to was hear? no damage desma property. coal say The entire that protests, because things the are extent so unequal of the damage that it's not may even be three page fair to talk about a relationship And when between we got people about in black maybe communities ten minutes and of marching the police. down the expressway, I Have Known we Desmond went going under back a tunnel almost twenty and. years now and All I've seen I heard him was in various just screaming different functions from and journalists people started activists running back to down political the highway applicant. and when we went to go And I've had up a lot the of way good that relationships we've come down, it SORTA had been barricaded conversations off with by Desmond the police. and I. And Respect they his began lived experience. shooting Therefore tear I respect gas his at perspective US and I. Don't share pepper it, but spray I respect. from all directions, What are you talking about? and Some dropping of the things it down going on helicopters, in your own and force the only this way week that you we announce were able charges to get against out an officer if for we an climbed apparently over racist the mean ten that foot was fence being shared that separates among officers the in expressway your own force from the rest of the city. How What was do going incidents through your mind? like that All affect this is happening. the way that the public views force? Appreciate I the term force. I? Honestly I didn't But it's a think police that service I was and in I that recognize moment? at the I heart felt of this like conversation I was going is to whether or not die we there. act It service was of force, you couldn't but it's breathe. the police You service, were just suffocating. and that's the job And that I everybody have is to was serve almost I crying and protect in each other, all. trying to help each other, get up at the same the time one million like souls trying to in get the city our own of Ottawa, breath, and that means and it if was there's over a a thousand member of of my us police. and most Who of them. for whatever reason has I'm twenty lost could most their of them. way? Were my age has or younger, expressed or there done were a lot something of teenagers that is contrary like to kids our values really, and our oath of office. and no Then never I have to take seen immediate or steps to anything correct like it that whether in their life, or not and I I haven't can either. define the intent It was I just can horrifying clearly define and the so impact scary especially that it because has they and never I have to address asked the us impact. to leave, And what do you think that impact so is we didn't know why the impact was happening. on in We in couldn't. terms of the We the couldn't the make it make center the minds. We the In just the my racist I felt tell mean like my animals. was boys every an day. experience of racism No The by be police members commissioner of grateful my in organization Philadelphia for what Daniel you have. Outlaw. by Because members of the community your spoke mother, that about we this I'm came incident sworn from to yesterday, serve and protect. and very said that police very difficult I deployed can't backgrounds prove tear the gas intent, and we had after but to a I survive. can crowd understand surrounded the You have impact, to fight. a police and car, so we've and done The then everything cloth threw rocks we can everything to at investigate police officers. that that particular we have incident, Listen and to you. but I what wanna else be clear We the teach the commissioner voice remediation sent. to be very grateful for The for option the what individual they of have deploying officer tear gas in this was case selected. is Life not going to compared solve When the larger to it became Chicago problem, evident and that's to at why island that I also time, is said other the quite options entire different. were organization not effective. My we'll go as through my mediation sons, they process have As I have every including repeatedly resource myself, said, we will within fully a snap because uphold I'm a finger. not everyone's absent right They to can peacefully culpability walk assemble down and responsibility a and hill. protest. They can go to a ymca for the actions to And go of swimming we any cannot of my individual to tolerate work out. officers. They acts can go of violence within Everyone and other walking criminal in my and activity. go service to a beach. is going We to have Who have a Do to. To you make raise of their new of game, what bike the Commissioner myself park included. saying? She mountain saying that We're GONNA have bike this to do is it pats. going together. to be investigated Ideally, internally. In Chicago but individually. when I was a kid, We're going I to had have none to get of that. to You a better There know place are no resources institutionally. that evening in my community. We after need to get There's I to a better no clean place. library myself And that up was my and commitment no showered, housing. and to resolve It taking was care terrible. the of investigation my is No which trying we've infrastructure, done to breathe properly. and no to I advance pools, made sure that the I no sat. remediation sports I watched teams. the news and We the modernization had I nothing. with my of family, the We organization figured which out we and are I committed saw to and

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