Los Angeles County Locals Make Up Bulk of Looting Arrests


It is Hey so what what's going on over there what's the word on the street I know that you've been extremely busy and and by the way the work you're doing like collecting the information and not necessarily concentrating on on exactly what's going on the street but why it's going on you've been terrific on this body unbelievable thanks so much yet one of the things that we've been trying to figure out over the last few days is where is all the trouble coming from because clearly the bulk of the people who have been hitting the streets with the signs with the demonstrations with the protest had nothing to do with the mess that we've seen over a few nights over the weekend I mean the worst of it seem to be Saturday night in the LA's Fairfax district and then there was something of a repeat performance in Santa Monica and we saw some of it to go down to Long Beach and certainly some in the San Fernando Valley although it seems like and check me on this if I'm wrong but it seems like over the last couple of days the volume has been turned down on the unrest and and the looting and the arson right it seems much smaller and not quite as many people involved so we've been trying to find out who are the people that are responsible for the trouble and in some other cities not here in southern California but in the Midwest in back east there was word spreading that there were groups of outside agitators I think is the right buzz word who are coming into town and causing all the trouble we want to find out if that was happening here so we got hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of booking records from arrests that were made beginning last Thursday all the way through yesterday at midnight and lo and behold the people who've been locked up on the most serious charges not the people who get arrested for sitting in the street and volunteering to be arrested as an act of civil disobedience rather the people who are out to do harm allegedly and have been nabbed by police in the active perhaps looting or vandalism or arson who are they they're all from southern California for the most part they all have LA county addresses there are a few flyers from Fontana and maybe some from the antelope valley but for the most part from the corner of southern California we found I think five or six people who were from out of state I want one from Michigan and one from New York one from Chicago but it you know LA is a town that's full of people from out of town so it's hard to tell if those are folks who came in to LA to cause trouble or they just happen to be wrapped up in this so as a non it's not mostly outside agitators then you're saying it's mostly southern Californians granted we don't know who everybody is this out on the street but all of this small slice of the people who were arrested on the most serious charges felonies here not good no not little stuff they're predominantly from southern California and for one reason or another most of them are already out of jail in fact most of them were out of jail within twelve hours of being arrested we've been looking into that as well hi you have the number of people being rearrested none that's that's one of the other interesting things that as we look through the records beginning Thursday night again through midnight last night we got all the names we put the names in a huge spreadsheet and alphabetize them looking for repeat offenders and at least as far as the felony cases go we didn't see any wow granted that's a again a small fraction of the people that were involved because not everybody that was out looting in doing terrible things got arrested it's only a fraction of them they did on top of that it's a a fraction of all of the people who got locked up the numbers were hearing pretty staggering between Thursday and today it is well over two thousand people that have been through the booking process most of them again on those low level charges for violating the curfew order or failing to disperse when police declare a particular demonstration and unlawful gathering that's going to be the hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of those hundreds there's you know maybe a few hundred that were booked on suspicion of felonies so that's the group that we're looking at and then trying to extract out some information that tells us more about what the heck's

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