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Remembering Fallen Plants with Ken Druse A Way to Garden With Margaret Roach June 1, 2020


And it's by the Great. Jeffrey be Charlesworth. Also Sadly departed a great gardener garden. Quite near mind that I visited. I was lucky enough to visit. He was a leader in the North American Rock Gardens Society. Did you ever meet him? Yes I did wonderful. Yeah so he wrote this. This poem called. Why did my plant die? You're already laughing trod on it. Yeah so here's how it goes. You walked to close. You tried on it. You dropped a piece of sod on it. You hold it down you weeded it. You planted it the wrong way up. You grew it in a Yogurt Cup but you forgot to make a whole. The soggy compost took its toll. September storm November drought. It heaved in March. The roots popped out you watered. With urbicide you scattered bonemeal and wide attracting local omnivores who eight-year plant and stayed for more. She left it. Baking in the Sun while you departed at a run to find a spade perhaps a trowel. Meanwhile the plant threw in the towel. You planted it with crown. Too High. The soil washed off. That explains why to High Ph at hated line. Elastic needs a gentler climb. He left the root ball wrapped in plastic. You broke the routes. They're not elastic. You Walk to close you try to get you dropped a piece of sod on it. You splash the plant with more oil. You should do something to your soil too rich to poor such wretched health. Your Silas Clay. Soil is filth. Your plant was eaten by a slug. The growing point contained a bug. These aphids are controlled by aunts. Who Milk the juice. It kills the plants in early spring your gardens mud. You walked around. That's not much good with heat and light. You hurried it. You worry that you buried it. The poor plant missed the mountain air. No heat no summer mugs up there you over fed it ten ten ten forgot to water it again. You hit it sharply with the hose. You used a hand without arose. Perhaps you sprinkled from above. You should have talked to it with love. The nursery mailed it without roots. You killed it with those gardening boots you walked to close you trod on it. You dropped a piece of sod on it. I'm crying. I just love him. I just loved him and his books. Were the opinionated Gardner. Was that what his greatest book was. That was the name of it. You mentioned Rock Garden. Rock gardeners are really they? They like to be punished. They tried artists plants of all they have a high hardest group plants from seed. And yes. Oh My Gosh. I can't even keep Diana's alive more than one year right. Yeah yeah so so okay so. Let's yeah plant slightly over there Hon. No I was thinking about over the years. It's hard to remember because they're not here right. And so you know you're looking. You think what I but I was thinking and I remember. I had a collection of Oak Leaf. Hydrangea and my favorite. Was snowflake semi double double really and.

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