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Crews are working to restore service protests taking place across the Chicago area there's a large group


Crews are working to restore service protests taking place across the Chicago area there's a large group near police headquarters and in the northern suburbs hundreds of gathered in Deerfield and Lake Forest here's Deerfield mayor Harriet Rosenthal it's hard to read and it's meaningful earlier today peaceful protests took place in little village there are also large groups gathering in Washington DC New York and Los Angeles some Chicago aldermen are still assessing damage from days of vandalism and looting here's thirty sixth ward alderman Gilbert Villegas the looting was silent limited so certain court certain part of my ward of the southern part of my work where we had down to to to big to big box retailers there cook brothers in Burlington coat factory that saw about seventy percent of their inventory wiped out and they were looting for about six hours so we saw upwards of two hundred and fifty protests sort of fifty looters at there at the site since it was just a sight to see meantime Berlin police are asking for help from the National Guard after series of social media post call for rioting and looting in the Sir Max plaza district the police said the department received intelligence from the F. B. I. and Illinois state police after the filing of new charges in the death of George Floyd Minnesota governor Tim Walz announcing tomorrow will be a day of mourning to celebrate Floyd's life our system of democracy works right the will of the people is reflected former officer Derek show opens charges have been upgraded he now faces second degree murder the other three officers have been charged with aiding and abetting murder even though Chicago is open for business most of the hotels restaurants and retailers are still boarded up here and there as the president of the mag mile association says the majority of the four hundred businesses it represents won't open today it is damage and some of it is taking a bit of a wait and see approach wanting to make sure that it's safe for their employees to come you know back to work some of it is trying to figure out transit options you know the the loop and downtown some places are now targeting this Friday or Monday for re opening former defense secretary James Mattis is venting frustration over president trump's response to nationwide protests in a statement Mattis calls trump the first president he's ever

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