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7 Unique Blog Post Angles That Drive a Flood of Traffic and Links | Ep. #1398


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I'm Eric Su and I Neil Patel and today we're GonNa talk about seven unique blog post angles that drive a flood of traffic and links so first and foremost we need to what a blog post angle is. Go for it. Define it your. I'll just give you some examples which we're going to talk about so it's basically a type of blog posts right. That's what I just call it. For example I'll give you number one right here when you think about a blockbuster angle how twos are in Eagle. That are used quite a bit. In fact a how and which is found in a long time ago they used to do really well not so much anymore but you used just be a bunch of how to's and they just. They knew that a lot of people internet were searching for how to's and they just occupied a lot of that search traffic. So how are still proven to work really well? Because you have new stuff. That's coming out all the time. So that's the first one. The other type of unique blog posts is anything. That's data driven. And if you have a researcher you can end up creating your own charts. You're on graphs. You can do a lot of that stuff in canvas. You don't need to pay someone so anytime you published anything. That has a lot of data you'll find does drive traffic. But people embed those charts and data on their sites and lead back to you. And if you don't have the money to pay for anyone to do research on data yourself can go google around go find other sites that have their dead and they're doing it in text base or matched take multiple sources combine it into images through Canada. But it on your blog and even though you're citing the original sources what you'll find is people a bed your charts in link back to you but the third one which is actually modification of what Neil said what is actually data collaboration. So for example. Let's say Neal has uber? Suggest he has a ton of data and I can do a collaboration with him. We actually did a collaboration with H. Refs a couple of years ago. Doing this study on one million back links and we looked at ten different companies and each one was a really long forum posts and that did really well and we send it to our list and that actually yielded a ton of sales qualified leads. So to Neal's point shirt could definitely go search for data and there's a lot of charts out there that you can share but at the same time this is also a good opportunity for you to build some type of partnership and reach out and say. Hey look we're looking to do this type of study are you able to share your API with us for a little bit? Pull this mini rose or whatever usually they say yes actually. I don't think I've ever gotten to know from doing that. Another one. And this is number. Four is taking other people's popular blog posts and used bus sumo. I've a continent news report. You can just Google for a actress. Has a content explore report take their popular blog posts turned into visual piece of content through Info Graphic? You can use sites like Info Graham to do this and once you end up publishing that you can reach out to all the people who originally shared the original article. Tell them that you have info-graphic version though usually share yours too and then hit all the people who originally article and ask them. Hey nosy linked to actually turned into infographics and embed this on your site and also build links as well all right number. Five is expert interviews so I really liked what first round capital does with this so you got a first round dot com and their blog is just interview but it's a well written. They'll take snippets from the interview. But they'll make it a long form post with a LOTTA TAKEAWAYS. A lot of screen shots and it just good right when you think about building a great company. I always read first round and there's always something that I end up sharing with a lot of people at ends up being remarkable so expert interviews and number six from my aunt is similar to but a little bit different is round up posts so you take a lot of experts in you. Ask Him the same question. So for example there was a recent Google update. That happened less than a week ago from recording. This episode and I may ask attendant experts on. Hey what do you think about the Algorithm Change? What's one thing people can do to get back? They're falling traffic. When you have a lot of experts doing that and submitting their questions you can end up writing a blog post publishing edible. The experts asked him to share it. And you'll get a ton of traffic and some of those people who read the post-wall Celine back to you. All right number seven last but not least Neil does a lot of this. We do this as well but we talk a lot. Especially on this podcast. You can think of this as angles to what how we solved specific things so maybe hand update hit or paint went up like some type of algorithm yet. Like how we solve that. How we got our traffic back right when you talk about how you solve that and you can share data in it. Then you're basically you're sharing something that's proprietary to you and you're telling people how you solve it so that's really good way of approaching it when you think about your angle so that is for today guys good. Marking School. The I o slash live. That's L I. V E we have our virtual growth accelerator. Now that you can go check out so go learn about it there. You can fill in an application. If it's a fit then neil reach out to you. We appreciate you joining us for this session of Marketing School..

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