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Just broke beyond me heart. It just added beyond archrival to the starbucks Menu. This one hurts, so we're going to go back in the relationship notebook to February. One starbucks hooked up with beyond meeting candidate. It was pretty cool. They launched plant based breakfast sandwiches with sausage north of the border. All Great Romances Begin North of Toronto. Now our big question. Where's the beyond Canadian Bake and when you make the beyond Canadian? Bacon flattened the peas or d. just flat in the final product lot of questions TVD because they're just calling it beyond sausage missed opportunity. Okay, so that was February then in April starbucks, and beyond decided to define the relationship. A bit more starbucks took me to Canada. Which is starbucks second biggest market with forty five hundred locations these things up Knox. We're talking. Meet the parents. Parents level on this relationship taken the old weekend retreat barring Dad's trunks to go swimming in the spontaneous pond visit next thing you know they're going to get the plus one to the cousins wedding Jack. So beyond thought things were going really well with the relationship with starbucks, but then it got its heartbroken yesterday. Shares fell because starbucks it turns out. is seeing someone else to in the plant? Meet game. What the Hell starbucks I thought we had something going here. Will start selling impossible foods plant bay sausage at fifteen thousand of its location now bear in mind. Impossible food is the Regina George to beyond meets Lindsay Lohan, which makes starbucks Aaron. If you know you know, starbucks is offering cage, free eggs, Cheddar, cheese, Chiba, bread, and impossible sausage at all locations interesting Jack, because that sounds a lot like the beyond sausage that starbucks was offering as well in Canada and China starbucks is pitting these two four meet competitors against each other by the way. If you want impossible food stock, you are sumo straight up missing out literally impossible to get the impossible stock if you're public because it's a private. Has An IPO yet so Jack! What's the takeaway for our phenomenon going on over at starbucks? A need my French translation book that Alan Gotcha covered now our big question for impossible versus beyond who is going to chipotle the FI themselves first snacker. Jack and I wanNA know who's going to launch their own chain of restaurants, beyond or impossible now neither beyond, nor impossible can go directly to consumer with a delicious plant based Sandwich right now they're both depend on restaurants like Dunkin or Burger King to whip up something tasty for yeah, or they're relying on. Brave Home Cooks

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