Coronavirus cases surging in Florida and Texas as states barrel ahead with reopening plans


The U. S. is setting a new record for coronavirus cases states in the south and west are shattering single they records for coronavirus cases hit especially hard Florida Texas California and Arizona were some cities and counties are now requiring masks as many businesses here continue to reopen NBC's Joe fryer reports on Wednesday there were over thirty six thousand new cases of the respiratory illness nationwide several states have also set new records in recent days the U. S. has the most number of cases in the world with over two point three million over one hundred twenty one thousand Americans have died from the disease Florida has a new record in single day coronavirus cases the numbers keep climbing in Florida and the concern is that this state is becoming the new epicenter fifty five hundred eleven new cases on Wednesday and the fear is later today that number could be eclipsed again Kerry Sanders reports Florida has over one hundred nine thousand cases and almost thirty three hundred deaths during the pandemic a mandatory fourteen day quarantine now in effect in New York New Jersey and Connecticut for people coming from states with high covert nineteen numbers Connecticut governor Ned Lamont was on Good Morning America and shared why governors in the tri state area mandate a quarantine for people arriving from hot spot states back when the the New York metro area including Connecticut had a high infection rate there is some quarantines and our visitors down the places like Florida and today they have a much higher ten times higher infection rate than we do here and so I thought one of the best things we could do was I see if we can prevent that from happening the travel advisory applies to nine states including Arizona Florida Texas Utah and the Carolinas New York governor Andrew Cuomo admits there will not be much enforcement for those who don't comply but people will be subject to hefty fines

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