228 - The Season of the Abyss


In this season of your life that you know that that's what the influencers are saying now like the like the lifestyle influencers are calling like the part of your like the in this season of my life where it's like. have to ask you to check out of whatever that entire culture is that? You're talking about recalled alright. It sounds horrifying. These I'm in picturing lot of felt hats, people speaking that were wearing felt hats at the same time. That's right. The word Tom comes up a lot probably even when it's not autumn. People that pull their sleeves down over their hands to talk. Yeah, yeah, no, thanks! No, thanks! THAT'S CANCALE! Gareth Oh. That's Georgia heart start. Hi, how are you? What's going on? just got back from a nice trip with the fam- and again. In this season of my life, it feels like. I can't tell how much time is passing, so I literally one day turned to my sister and went. I've been here for three weeks like she's like I. Don't Care Air I was like no I can't I can't leave my home and Doug's and life. Yeah, but it was really nice, so I got to be up there for father's Day. A lot of lovely well wishes on twitter for home gym which he pretended he didn't care about, but the had already looked at the time. I got to his house Tom Dinner, no, he does. He's he. He's now a legit twitter. lurker like I can't really be myself on twitter our no, because my dad's there. What if he just doesn't follow? You like lurks everyone else's. He's really into Chrissy Teigen and all the things she makes in her kitchen. She's gone. She's legitimately funny. Yet, that would be. So typical. This season of my life. Season is it winter. What. Winter of my life in existence in I am in pajamas right now. Stay in home. I mean. It does feel like a lot of people have decided. They're just not quote unquote doing Corentin for. A while the numbers skyrocket out of. I mean. It's almost like the layers of this seven day or layer dip of horror the. Cheap! Coming where it's like I thought ready head Guacamole. guacamole horror where people are pretending the pandemic ended 'cause they want it to i. read like some quotes like there were these gals in Florida who like sixteen of them went to a bar when they openly all got it and the delayed the the Gal was like I was just done. I just needed to get out I was done, and it's like, but but the global pandemic isn't. So? It doesn't care that you're done, and also we're all fucking, asshole. No one likes it. Okay like no one like you know what I really west I miss missing Vince. I, Bet I bet I wanNA. I. I went down to record just. Give him a kiss, and I was like miss you, and then I was like, will you? Let Your Best Amiss Vince this in this nice. You know this'll be our first three hour. My favorite murders just so you can miss him a little bit more heavy great. Thank you so much. It's very strange. It's like what was Nice in northern California. They're not doing up there. They've been very serious. Since the beginning I understand that thinking of like I can't do it anymore or I need to socialize the people in their twenties like if I was in my twenties and corn team. My Guy I would have gone insane, I hope. I would have absolutely so it's not like there's not empathy, but it's also like to. are dating APP still like happening or more than ever now more than ever now more than ever How would I know? I don't know I know. You I want to ask you. I do I love to know I would. I would love to know I just. Yeah, I could never I couldn't do it even just to be just a peak around. You have the gossip I now. Come on make up a name and and let's I mean look by the end of this I might have to. Simply because you know being cut off from humanity. Really it really Put Your you know helps you put your pride aside our. Own you know I have no. No pride left. I looked at myself in the mirror yesterday when I got up and I was just like. You can't go another minute without shower. Looking at my hair and I'll do i. have this thing where I pull my back in Palma pony tail in doesn't matter them. Here is a greasy mess. It was my hero just like It's there's not A. I forgot what real my

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