Read a poem

Before Breakfast


Today's tip is to build a reading habit by tackling a poem a day. Poems tend to be short, but can take you to amazing places. And so can help you find space in life for a little bit of beauty. As I talked to people about their schedules over the years I've learned that many people want to find more time to read. Along with volunteering and. Doing reading something that we know would improve our lives. But when life gets busy, it's easy to let it go. And once you let it go. Getting back in the habit can seem intimidating. Most books demand at least a few hours of time. Reading and little bits might not be very satisfying. Hence the beauty of poems. Unless you're reading T S Eliot. Elliott's the wasteland. Most poems are relatively short. You can easily borrow e books of poetry from your library through an APP like Libby, and then read through them on the kindle APP. Or. You can go to a website. such as poets dot, Org or Poetry Foundation Dot Org and find poems selected by their editors. In any case, you can get free poems on your phone quickly. And I'm guessing that you always have your phone nearby. And for the cause of building a poetry reading habit. This is actually a good thing. Notice when you pick up your phone. What do you do? Many people check texts or emails first and then look at social media APPS. As you find yourself doing this. Consciously clip to the poetry website or your daughter instead. In about three minutes. You can read a poem. A whole poem. which will give you at least some feeling of accomplishment? Whatever else you did or didn't do during the day you are the sort of person who reads poetry. Now, of course some poems are better than others. I've read through volumes from some of my favorite poets like Mary Oliver. Billy Collins Classic poets such as Emily Dickinson, and sometime stuff is awesome, and sometimes even with the vaster. Sit doesn't always speak to us. But. Poems do have away of going places that pros can't always follow. Dunwell upon can conjure up an image and a feeling. You can ponder that image and feeling as you go about your day. That image and feeling can take you outside your life for a few minutes. An elevate your experience. Putting a little beauty and to the moment. Not Bad for three minutes right. And as you find yourself finding three minutes here and there you'll start to see that you do in fact, have time to read. You just have to choose to do so. And so poetry can become a gateway to literature of all kinds. So today find some poetry. Put, it where you can read it. And, if nothing else, you'll end the day feeling like you put something a little special into your life.

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