7 Things You Can Do to Develop Mental Toughness - burst 03


Because if you watch college sports particularly, College football and college basketball. These are the two places that I see it most often. What you will notice is is that they are playing, and this isn't a knock on professional sports, but they are traditionally playing with far more heart. Than people at the professional level. And it's because they are out there with grit and mental toughness and determination to prove to their teammates to their conference to the world to the professional organizations looking at them, they deserve to be on the field playing and they WANNA win. And as a matter of fact, what fascinates me more than anything is when we didn't even get to see this year, but in March madness, which is the final tournament to determine the winner of all of college basketball? You see these crazy upsets happen where a number sixteen team will be number two team, a number fifty something team will be. Crazy differences, college football is the same way we've seen top five and top ten teams, being defeated by UNRANKED teams will why?

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