Vince Carter retires from the NBA after 22 years


This Carter has officially called it a career he signed a one year deal with the hawks last year was planning on it being is last in the league and now he has confirmed he is retiring from professional professional basketball after twenty two seasons he and Dr J. are the two best dunkers in NBA history yes they were showing the the two thousand dunk contest just a moment ago that's like going to be my standing memory of Vince Carter and I think it is for a lot of people here just one of those players I mean obviously longevity speaks for itself twenty two years in the league is tremendous but he just played when he was with Toronto with this unbelievable energy and excitement that was just so unique he also Jason Kidd did this he developed into a nice three point shooter like he realized okay can jump quite as high I want to stay in this game I love basketball I want to still get paid and he developed a three point shot Dadi yeah he's a testament to longevity actually made three pointer in the final shot of his career which is the one thirty six one thirty one overtime loss to the Knicks on March eleventh right before the shut down so I guess the fitting and would have been a monster dunk but we often a felony size lashed out so that's an amazing career then was very fun to watch and he will be hoping for

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