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Influence and what do i mean by that <hes> government legislators leaders <hes> central banks regulators and also executives some of the biggest companies around the world and then bridging that gap with the entrepreneurs who are doing the most cutting edge leading edge work in the blockchain space and so with the launch at davos in two thousand seventeen. The group has evolved quite considerably. We started with thirty five country ambassadors visitors <hes> with a handful of members now we have over a hundred across more than fifty countries and we rely very heavily on distributed repeated network of influencers and supporters ambassadors to help us get the word out <hes> we've been most recently to countries like kazakhstan where we were with the a._f._c. <hes> and the government there <hes> focusing on how to grow <hes> blockchain initiatives entrepreneurship and also foreign direct investment into that region especially considering how important is going to be in the one belt one road china initiative and so then i was in the u._s. We've been stepping up our engagement not only on the hill but also at the state and city levels <hes> so we've evolved quite a bit in the last couple years and i came came in as a founding board member when i was still at seeing me group and now in the last year and a half of taking the role of c._e._o. And we have have definitely broaden our mandate but we still focus on being the bridge and the convener of lots of different stakeholders to make the business of blockchain can happen give some examples of some of the types of projects you're working on. I mean you mentioned the kazakhstan thing. I it just isn't clear to me off the bat. How how blockchain technology would be used in this like one belt one road initiative

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