Paying For Faster Internet? Here's a Reality Check


Better faster greener super micro resource-saving server and storage systems with intel zeon scalable processors reduce the cost and environmental impact of your enterprise infrastructure learn more at super micro dot com. This is tech news news briefing. I'm tanya bustos. Reporting from the newsroom in new york and has heavily reported on there is journal platforms actually an in-depth analysis from the wall street journal final as to whether faster internet is better spoiler alert it is not it's part of the journals broadband project. We're looking into it after these tablets facebook will start giving users more control over what data is shared with the site a step toward a pledge of enhanced privacy the options the company is rolling out a feature called off facebook activity which will let users see information that apps and websites gather on them and then send to facebook people can use the tool to prevent that data from being associated with their facebook accounts with part of its new tool facebook will both screen apps for potentially inappropriate data and allow. I users to report any that slip through netflix will keep gaining subscribers in the u._s. But the streaming content company will lose market share as rivals vols like hulu keep bolstering their old platforms emarketer says overall netflix share in the u._s. Streaming market will fall to eighty six point three percent by twenty any twenty three. That's from ninety percent in two thousand fourteen. That's at a projected eighty. Seven percent this year in july netflix reported its first drop in u._s. Users in nearly nearly a decade the journals mica maiden berg breaks it down at electronic arts apex legends should still meet its forecast to amir three hundred to four hundred million dollars in net bookings for fiscal twenty twenty. This is despite recent social media backlash read. It shows us that a small sample all of players this week found that most would like the events main feature the ability to compete solo rather than on a team to become permanent. Most respondents also said they a plan to continue playing apex legends and with that e._a. Shares rise one point eight percent coming up the coal tar truth about faster internet and the underlying question is it worth it better faster greener super micro resource savings server and storage systems with intel zeon scalable processors. Here's reduce the cost and environmental impact of your enterprise infrastructure. Learn more at super micro dot com w._s._j. Testing shows typical u. S. households don't use much of their bandwidth while streaming wall street journal studied the internet use of fifty three three of our journalists across the country over a period of months in coordination with researchers at princeton university and the university of chicago the wall street journal's shawnee ramchandran <unk> has more we put a little small computer and of high-powered wifi router and everybody's home and we worked with researchers at the university of chicago and princeton princeton who created the software that would basically study the speeds of big heavy bandwidth streaming applications like netflix that kind of thing and to what we're trying to get at the heart of his do faster speeds give you a better streaming experience because the way that broadband providers sell us us market internet to us a lot of it is around via faster speed so you can have a better better streaming experience at home. We wanted to just test. Is that true. The the study found that beyond speeds of about one hundred megabits per second. You're not gonna see much benefit to getting faster speeds as it pertains to streaming video video. The tests were of the stress variety the results clear what we did was. We had a stress test. Where a bunch which of our journalists streamed seven things at once in their house. <hes> and these are high bandwidth things <hes> live tv streaming services h._b._o. And all all kinds of things and we wanted to see you know how much does this stuff us and at the parts when people were streaming seven things at once they average not more than about out seven megabits per second and here we are being marketed things like one hundred three hundred five hundred a gigabit but we did learn having a faster speed it is technically beneficial. Marginally for important indicators of streaming quality like resolution in startup time having a fast speed only led to marginal benefit for instance for startup delay which is how fast how how long it takes for a video to load after hit play the difference between all the speed. Here's that we had from like fifteen megabits per second to two speeds over two hundred fifty megabits per second we only i saw a difference of less than a second for netflix amazon youtube in terms of startup time so ask yourself. Perhaps is less than a second or fit it. If you ask me kinda you can find the full analysis at download the latest episode of the journal to hear more. That's it for the tech news briefing from the newsroom in new york. I'm tanya bustos. Thanks for listening.

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