Inside the Taylor Swift and Scooter Braun Feud


Well one of the great grief I had while you were gone doing the morning show not talking aspirin these that we did not get the opportunity here to talk about the the the drama with Taylor swift and scooter Bravo yeah so for those of you who who maybe missed a little bit of what happened last week Taylor swift formally was signed with a label called big machine records I and that was owned by a guy named Scott some another E. L. K. port cata yeah that's right and like poor cat it was your chat yeah you're right anyway so this is Scott Borchetta owned big machine records and apparently he went and sold at first he offered Taylor swift the opportunity to gain back some of her master copies of all of her work by the agreement was if she put out a new album they would release them one by one so for each album she would earn a master she was like that's the worst deal ever I'm not taking that deal peace out and then she turned down the deal then the next thing that happened is scooter Braun who is the manager of that yeah that was in charge of the careers out of Justin Bieber demi Lovato I Hey a lot of people you know I he swooped in and he bought the label now he is a mortal enemy of Taylor swift done done which yeah so she goes to her tumblr because that's how we process things these days she goes to her tumblr and she basically says you guys this is the worst case scenario basically my biggest enemy owns all of my body of work now and it is gross okay and that's sort of what we were left to deal with throughout the week long story short other people got involved including scooter Braun's wife don't even don't even get me started but the fact that he's a grown adult his name is scooter on court what is the Muppet care right I mean anyway but a lot of other people had a lot of opinions and suddenly people were taking sides there was team scooter in team Taylor and at the end of the day here's the deal Taylor swift and I can't read you're here what you know what your thoughts are Bradley Taylor swift loves and is most comfortable when she can play the victim but not just the victim the victim who then makes her haters her motivators okay so again I'm glad to be here I'm glad to be back because we can finally talk about the story we talked a little bit about it on the morning show but again they don't live in the same world that we do when it comes to going a little deep in the shallow and I think like a lot of people they just had that sort of opinion about your either Taylor swift team Taylor or your team scooter that's just life is not that easy nothing is that black and white into your nothing Israel everyone's thank you that just the way that it all played out and again I would encourage you to go if you want to follow somebody who sort of lays it out deliciously is Charlie and Twitter he still has his whole Twitter thread which is it just goes on and on and on and it lays out kind of he said she said he said she said and and we can get into more of that in a bit but my main take away was very similar to yours that she's always happy to look like a victim or an empowered woman and it's always one of the other with her like she and and I don't mean she saying these things but you always notice that when there is Taylor swift when there's a story about Taylor swift in the news she's either a victim of like the mean scary kind you as the music industry Kanye west Kim Ron yeah you name it or she's this empowered woman now you remember of course that sexual harassment case where she got on the standard spoke for truth I'm not saying these are real I'm just saying that you always see a narrative one of two narratives around Taylor swift she's either victim where she's an empowered woman and ultimately with this particular story she benefits from either so people get are getting caught up in is she a victim is she an empowered woman like is this a total like girl power moment it doesn't matter because both of those things serve her and what I mean by her is her brand because ultimately what Taylor swift is most concerned with is her brand Taylor swift is not concerned with the future of her music catalog and I and that was the other thing that many people were arguing over like who had the right to her music catalog and I'm sure you guys because I know I talked a little bit about it with Holly when in sort of that cross over time after the morning show before our show where and how he's got that knowledge of the music industry right yeah that this is not the first time that someone other than the artist has controlled a music catalog in fact bottom line that's capitalism so Taylor swift having a beef with someone else owning her music catalog is really just a beef that Taylor swift has with capitalism which I don't think it's a legitimate beef because Taylor swift is perfectly fine making money the wake county allows her to certainly benefits from it right so called the music industry because it's always been this way it's been this way it's rare that a musician actually will I have ownership of their masters just in the way that it's rare in the movie in the TV industry that a director has final cut on their film but she needed to frame that development in the purchase of her music in one of two ways that she was a victim of it or that she was ripping powered as a result of what happened and that is exactly what happened and and what I mean by that again is just to reiterate it is that further puts her brand into focus her brand is what she makes money off of her brand is getting you know millions of people to show up at her concerts getting millions of people to buy whatever it is she's I mean she could never put out a song and still make millions of dollars off of you know what she represents I don't think any of this is her caring truly about who owns a particular piece of her music no this is it this is truly all about the advancement of her Brandon in should you second guess that or think we're going overboard on that I would encourage everybody to just reflect on some of her best successes in one of them was literally an entire revenge album called reputation and a tour that made her so much money it would make your head spin right off and all of that had to do with being the victim of bullying at the hands of Kanye west too by the way also affiliated with cook scooter Braun scooter Braun as his former manager and Kim Kardashian and that worked for her so you know eight and if you think that maybe like if you wonder about the strategy of that just look no further than her audience she is she we talked about this a little bit too your god she in a dollar essentially peers they are like a year apart so for all intents and purposes if if this were high school they'd be like in school together right Taylor swift appeals to a less mature audience so it actually benefits surtax not very mature and get really embroiled in these battles and looking like the victim were Adele she doesn't seem to care about that he appeals to a more mature audience yeah but it's kind of both right because Taylor swift actually does appeal beyond just that you know young audience I think the thing and it's funny because a friend and I had a very similar conversation this weekend about Taylor and Adele and how they're the only two musicians or artists that are able to move the industry forward with just album sales they're the only ones who could make money off selling album alone yeah because the nineteen most people are making all the money on the tour they're making money on concerts they're making money on all the related stuff they're having to package I mean Madonna just you know was able to make her album go to number one by packaging you know the sales of her album to ticket sales so in order to get your album you know to chart you have to force people to buy it how do you force them to buy it well the only way the people engage the music industry anymore which is generally you know not only through streaming but also getting people in seats at concerts so but back to Taylor and and a dell they appeal to both of those ideas that immature audience but then also very mature audience which is why in Taylor's case she appeals not only to that immature young audience but also a mature empowered woman audience right like your mom essentially I mean you as a mom right right someone in her what are you now forty forty two forty two my god I was gonna give you forty so I'm I mean what Bradley how old do you think I am thirty eight but you see she so that's why I said earlier those tuner does work for her because she's got the young girls and then she's got you know the the strong answer the grown **** woman right who want to buy her music so and and do your point Adele is also one of those people she transcends demographic is why she's able to continue to move such numbers with you know just an album which is why tick tock I want my AT&T del album already thank you around don't go hang out with Taylor swift now my dell get moving saying I went in for Lawrence same thing yeah it's cute she can do whatever but okay said he'd get back to sing it means

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