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Is all about which of the three of you think you can explain what the hell Bray Wyatt is doing up I would venture to say that I can do it best but I maybe Mike it can start sure John do it best since I don't talk to my brother so I'm really really fascinated by the way there when I'm when his ability to like tie in male Windham is ray why yeah okay multiple messages so like subliminal messages and it's like like John explain and John so pretty much what it is is that he's been gone for like six months he's been he's been off TV maybe even longer is that about right six might not John explain it from his perspective yes I know too many details right and if you get lost so everybody was waiting for him to come back because I saw you was presented some cryptic tweet devise appearing for awhile when I was genuine concern of my Mike is your brother okay and and so my beginning yes well he was thrown into the lake of reincarnation by by a broken bat hearty site he has been there for roughly six to eight months and when he came back in I'm Lisa this show it's a children's show called the fire fly fun house yeah that's what my brother got he's got different characters on there he's got abbey the which mercy the buzzard this week he he introduced a husky is the pig boy and he goes in between being this over the top funny children's TV show host and a couple weeks ago he debuted his new dark side what's this cop being called the feeding that is very very terrifying and it's all kind of just melted together into this this thing like we've never seen before and and WBNS ten following in since you first started in WW II he was launched as husky Harris in two thousand and nine I'm sorry what husky Harris so that was his gimmick is like a big dude yeah and he didn't use that all right so shows as husky Harrison now he's coming back as bright white and he's doing the firefight fun house okay tossed talking the Huskies the pig and telling him one day you have no idea but they're going to tell you you're a genius and you're going to do all the things you ever aspire to do and then they could do you mean like Vince McMahon pops out of the corner and say is if you don't get your act together your and then he stops and says don't say it and then he breaks into a song and dance you're more confused are to gel yeah you can tell it's a video it's one of those things to where it's very tough to explain it if you don't know you gotta watch videos and they'll change your life well I don't know if there is a change my life well I mean if wrestling we're talking about here real reason Wirefly fun house is W. W. E.'s best new dating in years that's on

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