Valverde wins 7th stage, Lopez regains overall Vuelta lead


The riders who placed third to six over this morning and now i forth knocking on on a kick things off premise row glitch meghan lopez alejandro valverde with the only ones who able to go with him. Cantona tried at least twice to get away on his <hes> at one point in the four men riding shoulder to shoulder across the full width of the road masterful widths of the robert r really striking image shoving that really not very much between the toll in the final two hundred meters valverde unleashed his sprint he so good on these kinds of finishes isn't a world champion won the stage the twelfth vuelta stage of his career and he won his first back in two thousand three when lopez was just nine years old. I think the gap between valverde and lopez back in two thousand and three would have been a little bit bigger than it was today.

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