'Crazy Rich Asians' Co-Writer Leaves Sequel Over Pay Parity


I'm kim masters and this is the hollywood breakdown joining me as belen the hollywood reporter and matt you know progress for women <hes> and others were there was a study. I'm talking about a study that just came out a study from the center for the study study of women in television and film and it did find some increases in the representation of women both on and offscreen. We're not talking like the world's problems resolved. A seventy percent of the women that were involved are whites. That's one thing but the study found that the number of speaking characters female speaking characters dresses up five percent from two thousand eighteen to nineteen versus two thousand seventeen to eighteen and the it's not just minor characters the percentage of major your female characters grew from forty percent to forty five percent so that represents progress and i think that these numbers are a direct result of of some of the inclusivity pushes that we've seen over the past couple of years connected to the me too movement. Yeah i mean let's again. Most of these seventy percent of the characters are white so it's not that inclusive -clusive. I think a lot of groups are very underrepresented and behind the camera t._v. Creators writers directors producers et cetera. That's thirty one percent. What are women of versus twenty eight percent so i wouldn't call that a great leap forward <hes> but you know it's something and as usual than the the biggest group in that is producers because for some reason women have always been over represented relatively speaking in that role so yeah ah but still as the director of the center for the study of women in television and film she says for example this is a historic high in terms of women directors twenty a six percent but she says historic high still means men outnumber women three to one certainly is an improvement however we saw some news break this past week week from hollywood reporter an interesting story about what's going on behind the scenes of the crazy rich asians sequels and this is an interesting project because it was such a leap forward for representation in the industry. It was the first all asian cast a major studio movie in twenty five years. The movie did huge box office worldwide and a lot of the stars of the movie have gone on to be cast in other big studio franchises which is how the representation movement is supposed to work. Give people the opportunity they perform and then they get other opportunities so we saw this past week. The writer of the crazy rich asians movie the co writer adel limb. She walked away. Hey from the sequel because warner brothers offered her substantially less money than the co writer of the movie who is a white male and her her rationale and coming forward about this in an interview was that if she can't get parody in salary for the sequel to a hit movie she doesn't think anyone can get parody. If you're a person of color every woman trying to get to the same level as her male white co writer and she didn't give any any specific figures but the starting offers from warner brothers were eight hundred thousand to a million dollars for him and about one hundred ten thousand dollars for her now he's much more experienced experienced writer but this is not the first installment of this and she was credited as a co writer of this original film so i would say that is not a great look doc. <hes> now this co-writer the the the white male peter torelli. I hope i'm pronouncing his name right. Forgive me if not he actually offered to split some of his salary with with her. She said no yeah her argument was that it shouldn't be the co writers responsibility to make up the difference so to speak and that the the person of color or female writer was being treated as what she called soy sauce. Which was you know you have a dash of color to sprinkle on the script and you know you don't recognize this person as bringing their their life history and bringing their perspective in the same way that you value the white male co writer <hes> whether you agree with that or not this is her opinion and it does look pretty bad when you think about the fact that this is not the first movie in the franchise is this is this is them going into the sequels to this movie trying to get the same creative team on board. Warner's had a problem with this. This happened a couple of months ago and they've tried to bring in other writers to <hes> to bring that asian american perspective and they haven't been able to actually went back to this writer to try to get her on board and she wouldn't do it yeah. They seem to be sort of in no particular rush the filmmakers anyway so if you're looking forward to the crazy reg- asians insys sequels planned. You're going to have to wait <hes> whether they can actually figure out how to get themselves out of bad. Look on this one. We'll see thank you thank you. That's matt bellamy editorial director of the hollywood reporter. He joins me this monday. At one thirty on the business. I'm kim masters and this is the hollywood breakdown

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