Jim Norton, Dustin Poirier And Michael Bist discussed on UFC Unfiltered with Jim Norton and Matt Serra


With the main event. <hes> could could be begins dustin poirier this is this is an awesome fight and i've actually been getting some like interesting vibes fight week because i've seen seen a lot of people predict for the upset here. I've seen i think michael bist being predicted. It think chill sonnen predicted it a ton of people that i've time norton predicted jim norton and are you going for. Wow that see. That's super interesting to me but it's like and it's always you know everyone's always they look like the best of all time until they aren't but habib be busy just so next level for me like as on a hell of a run as one of the best runs in light heavyweight or lightweight history and just said you know if i beat habib. I'll be the greatest one fifty five or of all time he could definitely make a claim for it if he beats a beep if he beats him in abu dhabi in enemy territory. I'm excited for the atmosphere that fight more than anything. I think think i think the big fight field it's going to be what do you think that will be at four four thirty something like that in the afternoon so it'll

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