AB reacts to fines from Raiders, has new helmet


We have to address a couple more here. We're gonna start in with exactly what is going on in oakland oakland with antonio brown's so many things have happened. It's hard to keep track of and hard knocks being there to help the situation for the raiders in dealing with their star wide receiver and the various antics surrounding him the helmet issue has been well documented for some time for those who don't know antonio browns helmet that he has used his entire career was deemed illegal by the n._f._l. It wasn't safe enough for antonio so he decided to filed a suit saying that he wasn't enough time to adequately find a helmet. He likes to wear for the games. He filed two different grievances. Both it did not fly with the n._f._l. And he lost both of them so he has had to find a helmet he has reported to camp the newest thing being he has has been fined by mike mayock general manager for missing so much time with the team. Antonio brown has stated how upset he is about these fines being levied on on him but frankly i love antonio brown's charisma. I love the way he uses the media to help him and you got to think about the raiders in with hard knocks with everything around their team right now media wise. There's a lot of scrutiny jon gruden being signed that ten year one hundred million dollar contract trading khalil mack trading amari cooper everyone in the n._f._l. Media is trying to keep tabs on what's going on in oakland and antonio brown by taking taking so much of that media heat. He has really made it easier for guys like p._j. Hall arden key cleveland feral jonathan abrams josh jacobs all these rookies and second year players that really have some potential have not had to deal with this media blitz because antonio has been there to kinda shield them from that and on that side i think that the raiders as an organization as a fan base need to thank antonio brown for taking that heat off of their other players so they can develop and really dig into the system not having to worry about media relations however now with this new grievance hopefully it's nothing between antonio brown and mike mayock. They can just move past. It's obvious that he had to get fined for missing so much time with the

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