California boat fire: Crew interviewed, but no more clarity on what caused disaster


It could take a year or even to to determine the cause of a boat fire near the Ventura county coast this week that killed more than thirty people as case here W. sterile Samson reports the national transportation safety board says the fact that the boat is submerged in more than sixty feet of water will make the job tougher the NTSB says test for alcohol given to four crew members all came out negative all five surviving crew members have also been tested for drugs and those results are pending the captain in those four crew members were the only people to make it off the conception alive the seventy five foot scuba diving boat caught fire Labor Day morning about twenty yards from Santa Cruz island trapping the passengers inside the NTSB has been interviewing the crew an NTSB official Jennifer Harman D. says investigators have also been meeting with the victims' families the biggest thing I wanted to get across was how sorry we are for their loss I can't imagine what those families are going through right now it is heartbreaking

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