An Interview with Missouri Congressman Billy Long


Congressman Billy long of the seventh district about a variety of topics that are coming up in this day made starting with of course the fact is that the already one article of impeachment has been voted down by the house but the general view is that sooner or later the democratic majority is going to vote an article of impeachment or more than one your thoughts congressman I think that we made a mistake as Republicans we entered a GM and this is just my phone up pockets mother Congress and about I was spoken to later McCarthy about it and I think that the market would have been going there and vote for impeachment the other day because the Democrats only got ninety five votes in favor of impeachment so if we were devoted to you is present for you know what can we show the or there but it would also yeah you're my man I would have to come up with the most for impeachment and they could not do it they are not serious about it they don't want increases president I want to talk about impeaching the president I want to talk about you know how they need to get him out of there and how they're going to impeach him you know one person to show the votes would not be there so by combining their no votes and are no loads ours are yes votes I guess for tabling the motion then you know it went down number so I think that we went and rode president next time it would send a signal to the American public at Hey these guys are not really serious about trying to impeach the president when there are no impeachable offenses that he has committed but I just want to talk about it what's the anticipation about the Robert Muller testimony operates in being you know completely artist I'm it's going to be the Democrats are going to try and cruise lines are not fair I mean to if you read them all report you have to you know get pretty exaggerated was plain of some behind the trump tweeted about he was trying to affect things work I mean that guy tweets twenty four seven non stop so metal to create some all reports are sorry more than any other claims he tweets everyday of the week sort of like that he was trying to influence told me or anything like that as just not there and apparently the Attorney General beau are watching the stick through the mall reports should not be accorded all day for the Democrats we have of course a budget deal now and it looks like a lot more reading coming and quite frankly right I will be a no on the great bipartisan budget deal that they struck I didn't get elected telling parents spend more money I came here to put a clamp down on spending and every year we just go more and more in depth to the Obama administration to the trump administration and one of the things we have to get serious about cutting spending the country or we're gonna end up bankrupt in the room is going to be devalued down to nothing so yeah I was not happy with the deal of a stroke on the budget I know the former colleague of yours south Carolina's mark Sanford is not talking about challenging the president in his own party on that very issue the issue of balancing the budget I think you know what five dollars hand mark Sanford's presidential run you could get a Cup of coffee at Starbucks more than likely in terms of the budget deal itself though it actually appears to be a a moment of bipartisanship can we see more of that forthcoming I other other other issues I suppose if the if they could come up perhaps infrastructure for example it may be on trade to is there is light at the end of the tunnel regarding bipartisanship if you were in a very good point and particularly on the infrastructure I recommended to the term folks from day one of his administration that we not go to health care without trying to work on healthcare I work on healthcare immediately like we did in one stand do infrastructure built which can be done in a bipartisan fashion but in most of my I'm very hopeful that infrastructure can be handled in a bipartisan fashion and I think that you can probably be more budget deals on the more deals with the Democrats as long as you enhance the instruction where everything I want like they did on this budget deal so hopefully trade not so much I don't think that they're gonna you know probably come in Greenland on trade with Mexico and Canada which is how very very sad situation I thank the trump administration struck a very positive a deal there and now the Democrats you're like oh no we can't do that before November of twenty twenty do you see anything likely to pass the house and the Senate and get a presidential signature to become law there will be a few mandatory thank god I will have to get them but I don't see that in a big you know how things are Jim you've been in this town a long long time and getting in here that ends in a number you're gonna see very very little time with Congress people want to go home and I want so don't see you know a whole lot that being accomplished now and you have a particular dynamic right now with the Democrats I call on the new green Democrats because they are pretty new to being in the majority and I have a lot of people fighting among themselves and their conference or in their caucus which I think is just fine with me patter McEnery from Caroline I think I will set my mind on the four one band house which is really what do you think you know how you think things are going how do you think we need to be doing and I said absolutely nothing when your opponent is you know be doing sales up hello I'm kind of out of and right now there's a famous picture on the front of Rolling Stone magazine for about a year ago with what they now referring to is the squad and Nancy Pelosi and sense that a lot we could sure take on all of them we're getting along great at that point they are not getting along together anymore and I think that you'll see a copy of that Rolling Stone magazine cover in a lot of Republican ads next a year as we paint the Democrats as being socialist socialist Democrats whatever that is that they call it and American public I don't think so stand for it trump's numbers are really really good the best ever among Republicans and the black population by can implement an all time low Hispanic unemployment an all time low everyone's for a one K. it is exponentially higher than it was January twentieth twenty seventeen and you just can't hide that from the American public you stand up all right and so your vote for me I'll give you free Medicare votes for me I'll give you a higher minimum wage folks for me will give you free everything on your neighbors and the other neighbor in going to stand for that I think that you'll see elected you know Jim I was one of the first to say that the when the primary and when the general in fact I started on the current train wagon back in August of fifteen an Ashley another big record for the president coming up and I think we have a very good chance of taking the house back I think we made seventeen saves a lot of those are in trump ist area where he won a cop was not on the ballot and we took social lacking at the polls last November the president was not on the ballot to get people out to the polls he will be on the ballot in twenty twenty there was a survey that was taken back I think in twenty oh seven and this was a survey based on rankings the ratings given by various groups as you well know but the audience may not be familiar with the various organizations rank the votes of members of Congress of the American conservative union for example gives a higher ranking for road conservative votes Americans for democratic action a higher point total for liberal viewpoints and I remember the finance are really took the U. S. Senate and ranked all one hundred senators by their ideological scores of several major surveys and I remember the top three most Liberal Democrats in that survey twenty oh seven US Senate number three was senator Barack Obama of Illinois third most liberal number two Bernie Sanders independent of Vermont and the most liberal senator at that time based on voting record was the senior senator from Delaware Joe Biden today they asked if he is to moderate to win the democratic nomination that's exactly right you've got a great great memory Jim and yeah but I mean Bernie Sanders you know it starts to look like a moderate compared to some of the twenty four people or whatever it is now that are running for president on the democratic side and you saw how many people raise their hands for different totally social policy during that first debate and it's gonna be real interesting because you cannot be a liberal not for progressive enough on the Democrat side of the aisle nowadays to garner at the nomination for president of the United States in the Gretna Louisiana a couple of police officers have been fired over comments that they made on Facebook calling congresswoman Alexandria because the Cortez a vial India than suggesting that she be shot I know that you are on Twitter in fact I follow you and you had some rather strong comments to make about the notion of suggesting that any elected official be shot totally totally out of place repugnant recalls the occupied on our plans to describe it way over the line as I said in my Twitter post which is garnered a lottery tweets and all of the lights since I was born in January three of twenty eleven two of my colleagues have been shot not to mention the people that were injured and killed in those two different shooting this land thank that anyone would even joke about shooting an elected official after what is going on in this country after the situation at the baseball field right here the practice field in Washington just a little bit over a year ago with Steve Scalise so almost losing her life retirement and I was just very very very saddened to read that story about currently one policeman posted it and the other life yet and I both are in the unemployment line you have in fact been in Congress now for eight and a half years I'm sure it's hard to believe that after all what's the transpired in your life is a very successful businessman and a real estate man auctioneer the like but if you were to answer this question I'm wondering how you would fill in the blank when I was first elected I would never have guessed that what what have you learned in that time that surprised you the most I would never have guessed that taking the gavel from Nancy closely and handing it to John Byner and having significant numbers in my house taking the majority from the Democrats we would be so neutered that we could not get anything done that was really really shocking to me but we did not have a light house we did not have the Senate and when you realize you don't have this and if you don't have a life house we have the Senate today but we don't have sixty votes in the Senate and that's another thing that you're very well aware of the S. for culture just bring a bill to the floor you must have sixty votes so we go on so you've got the house for you have the house last spring and the house yeah the White House you have the soon to be a you didn't get you anything done and well we didn't have sixty votes in the Senate so we have got a lot of good things on the president has in particular image McCollum the Senate with the judgeships across the United States from a tune a new Supreme Court justice is an advanced form and so that was a saving grace out of this election was of what we're able to do on the judgeships congressman Billy

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