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Is 'The Lion King' a fascistic story?


Comes as you watch the herbivores congregate to bow down before their newborn ruler blanking offers us is inductive world view in which absolute power goes in question where the weak and vulnerable are fundamentally inferior in other words linking offers us a fascist ideology writ large there seems to be No Way Out for the forthcoming remake the first thing to understand that the wind king is that it isn't in any way that winds or any other animal species no it it it kind of is and it says so in the title The Lion King and then also there only animals and no humans in at it's amazing how the west will struggle to say that certain things are not metaphors and then they'll immediately say that this is a metaphor for fascism on earth as in everything below a variety of cute and cuddly figure stand in for human societal organizations mapping internalize social hierarchies on he's pristine and neutral world and the animal kingdom renders these power dynamics natural common sense and desirable because of first of all what should be real about the animal kingdom lions eat zebras it when they're called the king of the king of the forest king of the jungle it is a better thing for quite awhile and that is because the line is the apex predator in this particular scenario that's how they sure I using the predator prey relationships to Allan Grice human power it's almost inevitably incorporates the white supremacist world view so now believe it or not the argument is that the lion king is about white supremacy now last I checked move faster his voice in the wind came is James Earl Jones who is black Simba in the room in the remake is played by Donald Glover who is black nala who is his wife is played by by and by Beyonce say who is black Sir Robbie whose mom is with alpha Alfre Woodard who is black James Earl Jones is still move asa and still black

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