Mogadishu Mayor Dies of Injuries From Suicide Bombing; 3 Days of Mourning Declared


The way it is three days of mourning being declared for the mayor of Mogadishu Abdi write him Omar Osman he died after sustaining injuries in a bomb attack at his office last week this money based al Shabab said the female suicide bomber used in the attack had been aiming for the new United Nations envoy to Somalia the American James swan but he left the office just minutes idea six other officials were also killed in the attack we can talk not to be sees Tommy allowed a PO at to find out who exactly hi Tommy who exactly just reminders who missed always been walls well Mr Altman is was a man who had served his country for four years I mean he's a D. was a do you will you U. K. and Somali citizens so he also spent time the naturalized British and he worked in the local council in E. laying in London and you know came back to Somalia and served in the government in various capacities as under the ministry of treasury it twice as a minister of information spokesman for the president governor of Baghdad region so this is a man who we know was well known within the country well respected known for his work it particularly in in pushing for but development in in in in Mogadishu alone just that what he had pushed for example for repairing roads and trying to get you know all the kinds of urban developments will getting women as well involved in and and in a lot of development issues as well so he was well respected both locally and internationally and well liked as well by the people of Mogadishu at the U. K. ambassador to Somalia band fender treated this he said to a good bye to him he said to add to the public seventy he said kind and gentle colleague friend he said you have been called away much too soon our hearts are so heavy today we woke join hands to continue the work you started than Somalia we will bill Somalia in the in in your memory and you know what what sort of impact to tell me did he make in Somalia well I mean that those tributes have been have been coming from far and wide I mean we see even the response from a lot of the the as you mentioned the international partners but you know particularly in Somalia you know he was known locally as engineer yeah I was sold which translates as a young engineer just relating to you know goes with the kind of the work he had tried to do and and just making Mogadishu a better place fixing infrastructure and and a lot of reconstruction work but he also you know spoke boldly against al Shabab and and you know was not afraid to to take on them but but he was also a man known locally in terms of politics and and how he wanted to justice for all you know to be dealt with a lot of people who he believed locally had been fueling in security so this is a man who was out spoken but at the same time somebody who seemed very accessible to everybody seems to have a story about him yeah an al Shabaab was chased out of Mogadishu right in twenty twelve so war what state is that the group in in terms of fits presence in some money at the moment well I mean which we've talked about this many times on the on the program I don't think much has changed in terms of the two sides you know the the Somali government is still trying is still getting the support from its international partners but at the say you know to to fight aus about but at the same time also Bob still maintains this presence almost like an ever present form in the flesh of the the the Somali government and its people and it continues to target government that seems to be its main it's it you know its mane HM yeah it wants to be a government in Somalia we so even in the statement that it made about this particular attack it also like to play up its own achievement so it said he was trying to target the U. N. envoy in we have no proof that they were able to successfully follow him I think this is pop possibly a part of that propaganda to make it look as if they dare a more powerful and instill fear in among the peoples that's what else about his doing but it's also going to new frontiers for example two weeks ago or there about we saw the attacking Kismayo when they hadn't attacked in years so this group is still powerful still a major threat in Somalia okay the BBC's tell me a lot of thank you very much for

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