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Is at the Apple Event in mountain view right now. Barrett's got the event up on a screen so as soon as they start talking about the Apple Arcade looks. It looks like they might be talking about it right now. Wait really no. Let's go live to the apple. Steve Jobs Theater all right. Let's see what's happening every month. Get Personalized Recommendations Watch game trailers so this is going to be like the Netflix Games type service right epilogue caters. I uh-huh remembering that right collect. Maybe supposedly yes sean you. Pay You pay like a flat fee and you get all the Games are the General IDEA TAME so glad they're talking about this at the beginning of the show you a little bit more volume today saying I are partners at okay delighted. He's play. He's up I next thank you Barrett for the whole family lease. Welcome Konami brands to tell yeah yeah. It's GonNa be a co for your iphone trying to think of what is going to announce on phones. I what do they have. That would make sense. Do you think it might be an existing Konami Konami. Ip Yeah Definitely Games CONOMIC Games. Okay are title Fraga frogger. Look at this wow look frogger in toy story. It looks so cute fan I mean I mean it's classic play frogger and like one of those timeless game designs that never gets old done something fun with it here because he's he's planning on ipad important part of Gameplay obviously best way to play mobile games if the these Games are GONNA be on Apple TV as well the rumor that we thought were going to be confirmed today right before I pulled it up. They showed the Games on like they said they were. GonNa make did Apple TV compatible with regular game pads as well. You wouldn't have to special game. There's a ton of game pads that are currently available for IOS devices on the marketplace right now. I just want to use one of the ones I already have yeah. You can do Bluetooth from a lot of your devices but I'm not sure if you went off where but look at those sunglasses glasses. This is definitely a different. Take on frogger earlier when you collect one hundred you. How do you feel about it being more three D. Than Tutti. I'm fine with that the problem I'm having watches. I'm just never been excited about touch controls for arcade style games. Oh I see what you're saying you know when you're swiping on the screen rain. I'd rather have a tactile controller which oversee you can do. That's why Muslim Apple TV. I would get more about politics on Apple. TV with a gain control in my well. It'd be nice to have it on the phone as well but we'll be available at launch and we cannot wait okay all right. That's a launch exclusively imagine. They'll do that last thank you. I'm I'm hoping they're going to do one of those and you can get it today kind of things when they do that. I'm trying to take some notes here so we can recap this frog exclusively next ah on apple arcade. They said this is going to be the game that they were showing. Have you seen this card game that they've launched Kagame Yeah. It's actually a heart stone style game. They were doing it at Pax. West of pictures actually hosted tournament with Shinseki back into the depths. We sit out beautiful yet. Treacherous underwater world okay is covered in ice. You have no choice but to search the ocean. Shen below this humanities last survivor all right. You'll notice gauges in the top platforming action here. You'll need to be thoughtful awful and you'll undersea platforming. Why not you can use thrusters to navigate safety. Okay this kind of reminds me a little bit of into the deep that game you can trust me with insomnia. Which is why it's obviously the child's very different by your oxygen levels for us. Our little drone is here to help us out so we think this is probably like Metro Vania type to make it feel authentic and immersive. Yeah we reported music and sound sounded a bit underwater. Let's give it a listen for everybody. WHO's listening on podcast services. They are showing some gameplay. It looks like he's in astronaut type suit but his underwater now. There's a big sea caterpillar. A to D platforming deep keeps a deep sea diving for like two point five kind of shooting while challenge even the most seasoned game the underwater addictive attack. I don't generally like these type of Metro Vania platformer. I'm not sure and doing a with touch. That's like sound excited about the control. That's why I want the Apple TV version. Put It on a big screen. Guinea controller like a regular video game and of course then you can take on the go if you want. That's the Nice thing about it but it's not the primary way I would play Tim. We're talking yesterday about how I was hoping they were going to lean into game specifically designed for mobile but so so far both of these titles that we've seen there versus off skirt Anna perner interactive no good stuff out of Pernell. Let's see what they got next. Game is one of a kind to tell you more. Please welcome Anna Purna interact. I'm really glad that they stopped the game stuff at the top of yeah. They didn't know a whole bunch of Shaeber apple stores around the world all that boring stuff we are teaming up with the MOGO. Bring their creative ambitious new game to Apple Arcade. Sinar wild heart the fast okay so she said Sinar wild hearts. You've seen this year which game name yes so the demo right now. This looks like an endless runner essentially yeah in this level. Our heroine is chasing. After this journey bill the day the music is wild tapping and high-speed racing fuck shit camera but playing the perspective automatic. This is a game that could definitely work on mobile of his jogging to say this is something that seems better designed with touch controls in mind than the more traditional stuff that we've seen already the frogger and the the undersea guy. This is cool. I like Rhythm Games like games that have cool music and you play time in the music and the neon visual we'll style PURPLES AND BLUES ARE Super Pretty twins up the ante and transform their soared into a giant jet in an attempt to escape house. Elliot Heroin has other ideas you play this. Oh Yeah we're excited for this one. They've been showing this game for about a year now. First Time I've seen it. Lets there is a demo. Oh no I mean they've been that shows at trade shows three packs Cetera Arroyo. I'm guessing right. It looks like it yeah. I like the hostile a lot when it reminds me of we hope you enjoy Steinar wild hearts on Apple Clark quick in the positive apple. We'll have some guy epic. Come Out and give you a twenty minute demo of a game and it just it just gets so boring these three the games in and out joint so many more amazing games this is quite a list divall fury gone now man that was so quick screen got screwed up. China million teeth so that is nine days away next week not as next Nazi Nazi countries around the world. What's the pricing launch catalog in the weeks ahead. So how how much does unlimited access to all ten bucks a month for ninety nine is the Rumor Jot sports families for a family subscription really sweetie eighty set up to six people on us. They've got five bucks. A month. Definitely got me and my kids love this one month free trial nice. My Kid is GonNa love this. We hope you have a blast playing all the incredible credible games on apple arcade banks and back teamed him now they didn't say anything about Apple. TV support it at the beginning. Yeah you WANNA maybe I can make the showing all the devices look laptop ipad into TV. Wait to start playing when it launches later in the smart next up. Let's talk about Apple Apple. TV Plus Okay Barrett for cutting over. I'm glad that we got that at the top of the

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