Ukraine and Russia exchange prisoners.


Coming up on the nears Boris Johnson Johnson could be jailed for refusing to seek brexit delay Ukraine and Russia exchanged prisoners in landmark the deal and staggering death toll feared in Bahamas off the Dorian destruction it Saturday September September seven. I'm Anthony Davis the UK leader of the opposition. Jeremy Jermaine Coleman is warned Boris Johnson. He is not above the law after the prime minister suggested he would refuse to seek another brexit extension despite MP's passing being a bill to prevent a no deal they are preparing for chaos the best thing they could do is actually make sure he abides by the decision of parliament which has passed a new act in order to prevent crushing out on the thirty first of October and extend for three months in order for there to be sensible negotiations with the EU any sensible prime minister would do that said Mr Coleman legal experts have warned Johnson could face prison if he refused to abide by the bill which was passed asked on Friday and is set to become law on Monday Lord McDonald's the former Director of public prosecutions said if Johnson refused to request an extension engine he could be found in contempt of court. McDonald's said he won't get any cooperation apart from the fanatics around him. The Attorney General won't sit there quietly widely while this happens Johnson wrote to the conservative membership and suggested he would not obey any legislation that required him to ask for an extension they just just passed a law that would force me to beg Brussels for an extension to the brexit deadline. This is something I will never do he wrote. McDonald's said he suggestion Johnson. Could the imprisoned was not an extreme outcome as it was convention that individuals who won't purge their contempt was sent to prison a in Russia and Ukraine have completed a long-awaited exchange of prisoners those freed include twenty ninety four Ukrainian sailors and controversially a person of interest over the downing of flight. Moh Seventeen which killed two hundred ninety eight people the swap is hoped to ease tensions between the two neighbours greeting the Ukrainians at the airport President Vladimir Dolinsky said we have to do all the steps APPs to finish this horrible war. Russia said it was glad its citizens had returned home relations between the two countries deteriorated dramatically in two thousand fourteen when Russia annexed Ukraine's Crimean peninsula and Russian backed rebels began an insurgency in two regions of eastern Ukraine Russian officials issues of said progress towards the prisoner release is vital for improving the atmosphere surrounding a settlement of the Ukrainian crisis negotiations on the extremely sensitive issue were held in complete secrecy with both Ukrainian and Russian officials stressing that any leaks could derail the swap. Russia Russia has not yet confirmed the names of the prisoners who've been released by Ukraine. It's arranged a low profile arrival at Moscow's newco airport with initial reunions kept behind behind closed doors in Ukraine. The scene was very different. The prisoners freed by Russia reunited with their relatives on the tarmac surrounded by the press charities government agencies and even cruise ships loaded oded with supplies and volunteers a struggling to get emergency aid to the storm ravaged Bahamas today amid fears of a staggering death toll left in the wake wake of Hurricane Dorian Bahamas leaders believe hundreds and perhaps thousands are missing in the islands of about four hundred thousand people even as the the official death toll rose only two forty three as of yesterday large swathes of Northern Bahamas were rendered wastelands by the storm with homes pulverized used cars and boats thrown around like toys and the smell of death permeating the air in parts of Great Apcoa island one of the hardest hit evacuees poured into the capital Nestle and a cruise ship arrived in Palm Beach Florida with some eleven hundred people fleeing the destruction many of them faced uncertain certain futures the US Coast Guard navy was shipping in relief supplies and had already rescued some two hundred ninety people from isolated areas in the island's highlands hard hit by the storm. A major oil storage terminal on Grand Bahama island was damaged by Hurricane Dorian and his now leaked oil into the surrounding funding environment raising concern that the oil could damage local reefs and Wildlife the South Riding Point facility sits on the shore of the island's eastern side and he's home to ten giant storage tanks capable of holding up to six point seven five million barrels of crude according to Ecuador the company that runs the facility Elodie when Dorian struck Grand Bahama late Sunday. The terminal had one point eight million barrels on site. It is not clear how much oil has leaked doc you can subscribe to the news with your favorite podcast. APP or ask your smart speaking. Eh Play the news with Anthony Davis podcast leave us a review on. I tunes and follow us on twitter. At the news underscore podcast for daily updates. 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