Dozens feared dead after fire tears through California dive boat


It is still a mystery as to exactly what happened to scuba diving boat that burst into flames off the california. Oh for new coast as dozens of people onboard slept. The mayday calls came in just after three a._m. Pacific time thirty four passengers at this point are still unaccounted for as c. n. N.'s nick watt reports five crew members including the captain jumped off the boat and were rescued by good samaritans mayday mayday call just before three thirty a._m. It told there are numerous fatalities listened to the dispatcher on that made acl asking questions are they locked inside of roger back on board and unlocked and vote. I'm doors so they can get off. We cannot hear the answers and the coast guard has said the boat was in compliance bears repeating thirty four still missing. We are calling the shoreline. You have <hes> souls to vessels from co-star station channel islands harbor. We have come start helicopter crews so we are throwing everything that we have here by area search for these people the boat sank in sixty four feet of water just twenty yards from the shore of santa cruz island that conception seventy seventy five foot dive boats seen here in video on a previous trip had left santa barbara saturday morning the coals of that far that destroyed her still unknown the n._t._s._b. E._s._p._n.'s on route and the coast guard is working with the vessel's owner but the priority right now the fight with hope fading to find any more survivors

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