Hélène Darroze at the Connaught: Two-Michelin Star Restaurant Gets a Major Revamp


The restaurant allender us at the casinos at historic hotel in Mayfair. The A two Michelin Star restaurant closed its doors earlier this year for full refurbishment and modernisation and it has just reopened after two months and how how much has changed. That's what we discussed with Helen when she visited me. Dory Oh studio one in fact two months while when the reshot shot because we changed a lot of things I we moved the kitchen. The kitchen is not in the same place. We moved everything you know what will we we used to have have a kitchen a- location the past. Reynoso one Marino's Owen sweet was everything was disconnected amongst the world kitchen of the not so we put everything together the Mauri the the hood section and the past three so and we move think and in place of the whole kitchen and now there is the chef's table so you can see everything moved and it was a big staff in fact so two months I think normally this kind of things should have been done inform- once but there are fifty to work on this refurbishment all day long and some night and during the weekend and we succeeded to do it in a short damn so what change in fact the dining room is a complete new dining room my icing you cannot recognize the other one you can and now we cannot even remember what what was the other one so the design up. Yovich is a new designer is that's not the one worked on the tawdry even years ago so is a French designer and we worked very closely together to bring a lot of elegance and immunity to this room so so that's what we try to do and and I can say that it's a completely new design ambiance and the yeah very different to each extent does the food change then whatever food after the I have my feelings of your food and that you cannot change from I started thirty years ago and and it will be like that all along my my chef life I will say and the philosophy is all about the product I am chef who always say that the story join the plate is not the chef but the product so I'm always think being a lot of attention to the product choose and I cook what I asked to. My sous chef is to be close down to the UK producer than we used to be. You know I'm French I came from and they came from or so from this region of France with she's the southwest and where we have amazing products Russell. It was easy for me to take the chicken from the southwest of France because it's all Michael checks tra- Dr Seuss chef now let's find the best of the chicken in the UK so and for many of the products like that I want to sauce my products from the UK restaurants ability to we have to be responsible on that and we have to work with what is around us and it doesn't make sense to bring taking crump from navision countries. You know we have a beautiful travelling in Scotland extra. Let's bring them and let them saw our Aristo said to work with the local product and producer and that's the objective is to have even if I also predicts still coming from myself and he goes that's my cultural

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