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Welcome to film spotting Josh. We both took a crash course judy. Garland movies of the last few weeks and today is the final. Are you ready. I think I'm ready yeah I haven't I haven't seen everything. I don't even know if Michael Phillips is seen everything she's major so yeah. I feel prepared. They're still blind spots but this should be I think appropriate to our styles of preparing preparing for a show you methodically doled out the movies took them in over a few weeks and I crammed just didn't college. I procrastinated and I had to hit everything thing at the last minute to be fair. It helps when we actually commit to something for weeks. Had A title which is very rare for the show is rare well. Let's find out if Michael Phillips has is in fact seen every Judy garland movie we welcome in the man who will be handling proctoring duties for our garland examined is Michael Phillips from the Tribune. How are you good to see you goes good to see you. It's been a while I mean it's been a long time. I know it'd be on. I know we do this. More regular like Obama's. First Tournament feels like a slight exaggerate so how many how many do you think you've seen countered them up the garlic first of all. I had a wrong. I thought it was beverly girl. I'm on my three sons so I prepared all wrong. That's next show my next issue. That'll be a download killer. Yes but you know I'd say if you look at all the titles including the the obscure secure ones before she was advised. I've seen two-thirds maybe enough to feel pretty smug about my knowledge base compared to you guys okay okay well. That's all that really matters but let me ask you. Is there one at the tip of your tongue. That is a blind spot. You're embarrassed about. Is there a garland film. You've always meant to see that you haven't y actually I joked. I joked with the email to you guys earlier today about about pigskin parade or actually it was on twitter yes yes. I've never seen pigskin parade now. How you were just needling I was kneeling. I haven't seen pigskin parade. so you know if we can do a whole show on that next week at appreciate it could get to it but no that's of the biggies you know there's a few others in the early forties that I haven't seen him never seen presenting Lily Mars a lot of other things that would just sort of make you look click nipper the dog just staring. You know like what presenting. Lily were so these obscure titles to to to share explore someday later later in the show. We'll talk a little bit about hustlers. The new dramas set in the world of UPSCALE GENTLEMEN'S CLUBS IT Stars J. Lo and Constance Wu Michael and I both had a chance to see that that movie we open to big box office numbers last weekend. We've also got pull results to our question about which acclaimed movie director needs to make a movie set in space a lot of great feedback from that one including one Josh like last week. I might just be setting aside in my back pocket. Just bring on you upon. I'm going to have to leave the studio. We'll see but first I judy garland. The garland biopic Judy starring Renee Zellweger opens in limited release including here in Chicago next weekend the reviews so far pretty pretty much what you'd expect from the genre that Josh knows as his most detested movie genre the biotechs a little strong but not my favorite Los Zellwegger herself and getting a lot of praise now Michael. You have made a little bit of the festival around here lately. Did you see no no tomorrow to screening tomorrow. Does the does the listener goodwill no no. It doesn't know that you're going to see gonNA see a trend. We will have to have you back on to hear your thoughts. I could go on singing. I'll I'll go on singing. That's what I'll of course we may or may not get to a full review of Judy here on the show but we did want us the movie as an opportunity to spend some time time on Garland herself who until recently was kind of a blind spot for both of us Josh with the exception of the wizard of Oz of course it really was the Manelli marathon where we got to dive into her work. Is it fair to say that maybe the wizard of Oz isn't the best introduction one could have to Judy garland because Saad as a kid and many times sense and I don't know. Oh that a place to her strengths now that I've seen obviously over the rainbow is a central piece of focus and made her you know center to another level level of notoriety and fame but the character I don't think is sort of a passive character could be a little whiny and I held off on Garland for a while thinking meanwhile that's Judy Garland and then I think it was producers. Sam's pushing of Easter parade a couple of years ago. That was my first non wizard Judy Garland film the One with Fred Astaire and I was just completely shocked. At what a great president. She wasn't that so very different and then you're right. It was the Manelli marathon that really gave me a good sense of what she could do as well as catching up with nineteen fifty four is a star is born when the remake came out so yeah than really immersing myself men for this list. I in her stuff and surprise surprise Adam She's really something yeah. Check out the big brain on Josh. He's done all his homework. Shoot down the conclusion Asian. Is that needs to know about you the wizard of Oz I was. I'm a crammer like Adam. I'm doing the most I could watch the catch up on stuff. I hadn't seen in years years and years and stuff. I I knew I liked but hadn't seen in a long long time and just the the real pleasure of watching shing concentrated way of you know a little a little bit here and there for a couple of days of somebody who is just such an astounding triple threat who did did the top of the top of the heap and I mean I mean she. It's it's there's a handful of other. Mgm Stars Gene Kelly Fred mystere and then you know one or two others but it's it's Kelly astaire in Garland and then there's everybody else and that and that's when you think about what that actually means and when you talk about the work they did together with the garlanded with Kellyanne garlanded with a stereo. It's just you know. I don't have the same love for Easter parade that you do Josh but you know the talent level is just kind of astonishing though and it's just sort of a I don't know I don't I can't even be cynical about how what what a what a strong response. I had just kind of like just sort of like soaking up the talent because it's not somebody I grew up with loving from age eight on on you know I mean I mean I. I wasn't really a wizard of Oz annual viewer at that age you know because if the marksmen does Ron I was mark of course they were the Marx brothers. Those were not in the was it of is you know I would've actually loved to see him as ten minutes but the radar now jokes aside Josh I do think it's fair to say and this May bear out as we get into our picks that we've discovered there are depths to judy. Garland is a performer that probably aren't fully on display away in the wizard of Oz. So why don't we go ahead and jump into those picks we are going to devote this show to our top five. Judy garland moments and we're going to start it off with an an expert voicemail a guest opinion here from a previous contributor to the show does Ray Garcia Michael. You put us in touch with desert initially. She Played Madeleine Colin in Damian Chazelle debut film Guide Madeline on a park bench. She's currently an associate professor of Latin American Latino and Caribbean studies at Dartmouth and if you're a longtime listener the show you'll recall that she joined us for our top five musical numbers back in two thousand sixteen that was a tie in with our review of Damian Chazelle la La land and she's got a great pick for her favorite Judy Garland. Hi this is Deborah Garcia leaving a message for the Judy Garland show show if I had to choose my favorites judy moments which is indeed a tough task it would have to be rather obvious choice. I'm afraid of the have yourself Merry Little Christmas Song in Navy in Saint Louis. Your saw aw little let your heart the next year. Oh it's it's really an anomaly in musicals of that era in the sense that it is a song that is quite dark. It's a moment that's quite dark. even rather kind of foreboding it's Judy of course in her character esther trying to console her younger sister sure as they prepare to leave St Louis and moved to New York. The lyrics of course are storied lyrics. Now we know that there were at least two different versions of lyrics. The first is one being much darker than the first and it's it's something that quite rare for Hollywood musicals of the period to delve into such dark seems uh-huh change and family separation and perhaps separation is eternal and even though she's trying to comfort her little sister to D- it's clear that esther has her own doubts about what is about to happen and we hear that I think in in Judy Garland's voice voice up here. She's a masterful singer so we hear both the kind of conviction and hopefulness times that things will work out all right and then at other moments I think including the very very end of the song is she seeing those last final words we hear that there is some doubt there on her part some day soon you who beat him and and also just say that that for me you know that song has always been a kind of touch tone in my life something that has helped me kind of mark the various listen turns of my journey's first away from home three thousand miles away to college again leaving a college that I came to love and considering home and embarking on a new career and then to of course marriage and and having a kid and every year I revisit is it that film and that song and it helps me to kind of chart where I've been but also to help me brace myself for the future. Thanks

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