Woman who paid R. Kelly's $100K bond wants it back. A judge said no.


So how about this are Kelly story today now let's talk about that this is wild so you remember back in February when R. Kelly was sitting in the cook county jail a twenty six in California after being charged with there's sex assault cases here in cook county and a mystery woman stepped forward to host a ten percent of the million dollars bond her name Valencia love she posted a hundred thousand dollars so are Kelly good could go free everyone was shocked that R. Kelly apparently didn't have the financial wherewithal to post his own bond and so this woman who owns a restaurant in blue island and I apparently met Kelly on a cruise or some place along the way steps forward and post bond for the singer. so he got to enjoy a couple of days on the outside you may remember he went straight from the cook county lock up to the old rocker home with don right downtown old cruising Spahn TV and I don't think you're supposed to say cruising spot like that well I thought it was kind of drive by and hang out outside wasn't that what yeah has he been use helicopters going going overhead etcetera well now of course a Mister Kelly is in federal custody after being hit with federal charges which supersede the local case typically and Valencia love his come forward her attorneys filed a motion in cook county saying Hey can our client get our money back she wants that hundred thousand back today a judge reportedly said no which when you think about it is a little surprising right because. bond money bail money has nothing to do with guilt or innocence is merely to basically provide some sort of collateral assuring that if we let you go you're gonna show up right corner. well he's in custody any where anytime soon but the judge said that ms love actually signed a document that says something to the effect of your money can be used in certain scenarios to pay for it for attorneys fees court costs and other things associated with this case so apparently was on that one grounds that he she's lose lose all the money. what we don't know that we don't know what would this mean R. Kelly is using that money from the woman who saved him and a tough time I think what the judge was saying is while Mr Callies finances are in question and they are. the money that was posted for bond could potentially be used to pay for his defense that's for you to read the fine print yeah. for work got to do that.

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