Tokyo's Prime Minister of Pizza


Amy amy welcome back to Milk Street. Thank you Chris good to be back so this is a story about neopolitan pizza in Tokyo Tokyo and so. Where does that story start. This story begins with a really cool character named soon culkeen Uma Sisu who is unlike anybody I've ever met before. He's this fifty nine sixty year old Japanese guy who doesn't look anywhere near his age probably because he's also into his rock music and he describes himself as ninety percent musician ten percent pizza master but actually chilly. If you talk to people in Tokyo he is the Prime Minister of Pizza in Tokyo. This guy single handedly brought Neapolitan oaten pizza specifically this thin crusted bubbly on the outside and very soft on the inside style of pizza to Tokyo. No one else else was making neopolitan pizza time management in my new book humidity sticking you how you hold on what I first started this pizza the restaurant twenty four years ago back then pizzas for Japanese people how this image of very thick abundant cheese a lot of festivals a lot of ingredients and the two pizzas. I'm serving today in the very beginning was met with a lot of confused looks Japanese. People didn't know that there there are pizzas that had more awesome awesome cheese so he goes to Naples to find an apprenticeship in what happens well he goes around he knocks on doors the wars of pizzerias and pizza makers all throughout Naples and no one will take him in as an apprentice. What does she put in a wha- MOCATTA new going when I went to Naples for the first time twenty five years ago this is nine hundred ninety five or talking about there were barely any Japanese people Naples so so most Italian restaurants back then we're very apprehensive to taking Japanese apprentices because there just weren't used to working with Japanese people and they thought that Japanese people couldn't Dan work with pizza so he came up with a brilliant training strategy for himself one that I would like to adopt if I were to become a pizza maker Jimmy Garoppolo economist Peter saw the muscle. I stayed in Naples for one year but I did not learn how to make pizza. I eight pizza for one year. He decided that the best way to learn how to make pizza was to eat pizza every single day for a year and that's that's what he did. I read that but I don't understand it. How did he managed to be tourist essentially eating the pizza and going back to Japan and learning how to make it in exactly the same method well. I think there are a few different ways that he did that. I mean first of all we've all. Bob Into pizzerias where you can see the pizza making going on so you can see the job being thrown how it's being tossed you can see the preparation you can time time even when the pizza goes in the oven and when it comes out so I imagine he did a lot of this just by observing and I think he tried to to stay as close to the real thing as possible and part of that too is being able to pick up the subtleties so one of the things that everyone who tries his pizza reports. It's back about is the fact that there's a little and they can tasted. Also you can see him do it. There's a little pinch of salt that he puts in the dough after it goes in the oven and if that little bit of Saltiness is there it makes it very morrish it means you want more and more and more and if that little bit of Saltiness is missing missing somehow the pizza is just lacking so he picked up on a lot of subtleties and he also readily admits he didn't come back and immediately open seren con Juvenile Pizzas Kuneva on ninety dollars yeah good junior. It took me a a very long time to correct

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