Baseball union says poor job done of marketing Mookie Betts


And yesterday the Union chief Tony Clark came out and he talked about how baseball's done a poor four job of marketing Red Sox outfielder Mookie Betts the quote from Tony Clark Monkey should be a household name. mookie should be a one name guy you say Rinaldo you say messy you say mookie you should know who mookie is and outside of the baseball world I don't know how many do you look. I think it's a fair point by Tony but again I go back to get into the room. Get in and start talking they for example we heard in in March that they had agreed to begin talking and then they had a meeting recently to talk about out there meetings and when they're going to talk it's just two and a half years into this and how many years of free agency have been affected by the fact that they haven't negotiated changes. You want the two sides who have a lot of things to talk about actually start it coming together and sustainably talking. I don't know if they actually will once they get in the same room. What do you think yeah this is about as angry as seen? The players are openly talking about Shrek. Someday you know obviously it's not gonna be this year next year. Maybe two thousand in twenty one but the players biggest complaint really is just a competitive balance. You know what five teams based lose one hundred games. I think there's what seven or eight games that are separate teams or twenty games back so you know and so the agency if you have all thirty teams front a win. It should speed up free agency rather than just a few teams doing it J._D.. Martinez talked about his thing. It was like a semi net myer because teams that need a power hitting bat just winning plucked talk cheaper guys off rebuilding teams so they didn't have to spend a hundred million dollars to get a look out to get a guy like Martinez so when we have events like this you know whether it's the winter meetings or at the All Star game at the world series you hear hear both sides talk about yeah we we're GONNA get into room.

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