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Get ready for summer lake get ready for taco fall it is a funny taco fall if you've been watching any of the summer league and maybe it's a bad thing that I've been watching some of the basketball but if you've been watching any the summer league outside of Zion Williamson toggle fall is getting like the biggest roars from the crowd yes they went out there is warm up on but he's been getting the biggest roars from the crowd because he's like a side show the guy is seven foot seven okay seven four seven I've heard people here locally because I'm doing the show for Massachusetts they think taco can be part of the equation for the Celtics I'm not kidding Celtics fans they think taco could be part of the equation I listen the guy can't move laterally whatsoever okay they put him in a pick and roll he's done not to mention the fact he shoots thirty percent from the free throw line at the collegiate level okay so if he's doing anything on the court you just follow the guy he's not going to get a free throw and you also look at the fact that he has no offense of moves whatsoever and also you look at the fact this dude played at UCF for four years okay if he was any good the guy seven foot seven you don't think you'd be in the NBA by now if he was any good he'd already be in the league come on like what are we doing here talking about taco fall but in Vegas they love him he's like a side show and already talking about locally in Boston now if he gets a to a contract with the Portland red clause the G. league affiliate of the Celtics or whatever but if he comes out you gotta put in like taco time or something meeting like Taco Bell or one of these like taco chains if you will gets a deal with the NBA or get to deal with the Celtics anytime taco scores free tacos for birdie there I you want to talk about having people stay to the end of the game the Celtics are looking to draw more attention after Kyra Irving left right not to the Celtics ever have issues with attendance or whatnot and everybody here loves Kemba Walker they think is the savior which is aptly asinine that's a whole nother subject but none the less I digress getting back to the taco fall point you wanted people to stay around for the end of the game give out free tacos attack of all scores a bucket like the next day go to your local Taco Bell and get a free taco no I don't think they give away the Doritos locos tacos I hear that's like one of their best sellers and I did a taco guy I don't eat meat to begin with so I'm not so sure but I do know that you would get a lot of fans to stick around watch taco false if they get a new taco or get a free taco the

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