Can Manchester City win the Premier League again this year?

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Primly winning now Nancy unto extended Liverpool dominated the league last season. Do you expect expect to happen this time around. I think it's a two horse race. I think throughout the whole of the Premier League season I think he probably looking at the two sides with the pace in the power and the firepower that they've go on a month city obviously back about primarily now when you can never write them off from winning the premise of the footballers play one big factor for me and I don't know how many people spoke about the importance of Vincent Company and he's not there this season obviously always left to go into management not just on the failed because he didn't play too many games. It's off the field what is achieved at a club how much of a leader is. I don't think there's anybody in that. That squad players is that they've got to replace it. I mean I'll and you've been a manager before I mean you know what big characters like an address neum I mean if if that gets taken away from that it's not just on the field it's off the field and its camaraderie. It looks as if Vincent Company was was man in the room even though he when he wasn't playing getting the message across especially after through bad bad result WIG central on my discipline situation of the the wanted given company winning there with that as opposed manager yeah so it's a big loss to him but I think everything that quality does is planned yeah no so. I'm sure that he feels that they can cut cut without him and pep someone who's tipping. The company shows mock the muncie presumably dominate in the market. It was very hard to make an argument against him isn't it I think is yeah. I mean around about eight to four four. Oh two seven mark if you're looking for so long term accumulators in that city are absolutely rock solid so bankers for that against him. I suppose the one is company. I interested to see a phone and dino who deeply sent off a little bit last season with the signing of robbery to play midfield. I wonder if he might drop Fernandina back one but that's it I mean it's never been a point oneplus Liverpool DOT is it. My fear is though on this is the Monet and Saleh played virtually every game.

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