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I start an organization called next Gen Emerica yes it is the large registering young you need to vote dot com you did seem to rattle much organization in the country and one of the things we did in twenty eighteen was we pick thirty eight congressional district held by Republicans and we focused on people under thirty five yeah and we more than doubled the turnout from four years before that's the largest generation in America bigger than the baby boomers they were voting at half the rates of other Americans we said in order for Democrats to retake the house we need this generation to show up yep and so when I think about why we flipped all those seats and those were the seat you know that we chose the ones that we thought were flip a bowl but we're definitely in play the answer's turned out there the number of Democrats who turned out in twenty eighteen to twenty thirteen with two thirds more I know you're gonna be a Chris Hayes later today tune into MSNBC to see Tom joy Reid was just on our show this week she has a new book out and she said we have minority rule in this country she said because we don't vote and white evangelicals crawl over broken glass to vote and that that is one of the I mean that's one of many factors but she's right we what was the turn out Travis was for white evangelicals it's close to a hundred percent of them turn it turned out and that's why we sing for us to win there are many more joys exactly right there are many more of us we need to organize and show up and that's what I've been doing for ten years we've been organizing people to be registered to be engaging the issues and to show up and vote and we've done that you know we I think when we focus on the huge percentage of Americans who don't vote instead of the very small percentage of people can't decide if they like Mr trump yeah we get all those people and that's forty percent of America not the two percent of campus I think our sense of urgency I think I have we both have fascism early warning systems in our blood we found out it on our impeachment but bill road show spontaneously the both of our dads were Republicans and Nuremberg prosecutors and John Cooper tweets history teaches us that wimps don't be fascists appeasement doesn't beat faster stronger McConnell the twenty twenty election will not be free and fair in fact they're counting on that I'm if there is a conclusion to be drawn from Nuremberg it's this when you see something really wrong you fight it every day you don't show up every six weeks or every six months and register protest you fight it every single day every time it rains it's ugly on your chairmanship yesterday talking about what happened part of what I found so powerful about his testimony today was not just when he was asked about the law but when he was asked about the affects the morality the lack of patriotism of this conduct and perhaps one of most chilling moments I think our committee was when he expressed the fear that this become the new normal and of course I think what is animating that fear of the director would certainly and that's it animated for me is the fact even after the nightmare of the last two and a half years the president of the United States will still not forswear receiving foreign help again hi okay so now how do you what what okay first of all what we do how do we get times are on the debate stage next time let's get him into the debate look up there to rules which what's website what we do Tom Selleck dot com and we have a little time start your dot com and give me a box and we have a link to that at your website and at your Facebook and Twitter pacey I did the show me the money yeah right you to help me help you I need a hundred and thirty thousand donations okay and so I'm asking people to give me a Buck to get me on the stage so I can make the case for taking back our democracy and actually speaking up for the people let the people relook at I this you for how many times I've asked you for money one time just do it let's talk about what first what would you do what how do you what is your strategy for running against trump supporters from call he will weird al look I think you can tell who is certainly I think I'm the perfect person to take this guy on the good twin comes to the economy he's a fake and he's a failure and I have no problem yeah people don't seem to feel comfortable I spent thirty years studying economics through investment and through looking at countries no economic system works he is a disaster in competent person I just had a like not moment I'm gonna be your campaign manager okay there was no but you and this is how you run against them calling us socialism personal I'm like why don't we ask them what about their party's drift toward fascism but this and you are the perfect I would call you a compassionate capitalist look so we can say we are not socialist but we are but but you know you do so much you give so much of your money there is a difference there is the pure greed of Donald Trump who's never done anything for anybody but himself but when you think about this Stephanie see if this works for you this analogy that I use sometimes I say look the United States is like a car we have democracy and we have capitalism a marker see is how we're supposed to steer the car and decide where to go the people get to choose right we get to choose what the laws are we get to choose what the rules are but the thing that is the engine of the car is capitalism and so that it has to be able to run to make us move forward but it can't steer the car yeah when the engine starts telling the car where to go you get what we have now which is the people's interests are being served but we still need that engine to go by so I don't hate the engine I just know this it can't run the car we can't have cook we can't have drug companies telling us what the prices of drugs are going to be don't you love how much they hate when liberals are going to capitalism we made the wrong kind of billion dollars the funny thing here is Mr trump has a operating procedure that led him to bankrupt all these casinos makes huge promises yeah he borrows money leverages it is a frightening it goes bankrupt and he walks away yeah and that's we're in the middle of him trying to turn the United States of America into one of these failed it Lennix thanks yes he is with the trillion he's whatever right that's who we is he's a fake let's talk about the five rights which you called the right to an equal vote the right to clean air and clean water the right to learn the right to a living wage and the right to health that sounds a lot talked about it because it sounds pretty good plan to me one of the things that is true is we talk as if this country were a failure with the most successful country in the history of the world yeah we can afford to put ourselves in a place that is better than any people ever we do have to take on these corporations and get back our democracy but if we do that we can afford healthcare for everybody we can afford a quality public education from pre K. through college with ongoing skills training we can afford clean air and clean water and we can afford a living wage for every working American we can't afford that right now we have the money we have to take back the democracy to do it but I'm saying that is a baseline of security for every American we're in a position to create unimaginably great times for ourselves we do have to beat these corporations and we have to control the climate yeah we've got to stop talking like we are succeeding this is the most successful country ever let's give ourselves some credit beat the challenges we need and let's win and make and create when Americans have always created the country in the world Tom and I I I so appreciated and resonated with what you did during this last election what you talked about earlier is with next Gen and need to vote about getting younger people excited and motivated I've been saying on this show I mean I'm old as dirt and I I am so inspired by the a season the receipt to leaves in these fears young women that we got into Congress that obviously terrify trump and the Republicans but I you know what it's like a see she seems like a flash from the future to me like I I you know she knows how to connect with young people on social media she makes me believe that we can do big things again look what we've talked to hundreds of thousands of young people and ask them why they don't vote and they always say the same thing the system doesn't work no one tells the truth neither party addresses our needs it doesn't make any difference and I'm like oh no yeah that can't happen that's the end of democracy if people have that attitude we need to go out there and talk about what can happen if we tell the truth if we go out and retake the government what we can provide in a way that everybody's life will be materially different and materially better and we're in a position to do that right now we just have to

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