Lawmakers approve bill to let athletes at California colleges take money from advertisers in defiance of NCAA rules


For this California legislators voted to require schools in the state to allow their athletes to earn endorsement money setting up a collision with the NC a a which bands compensation for college athletes beyond a scholarship in a modest stipend they're threatening to ban California athletes from all competitions the California State Senate nearing the end of the legislative session in Sacramento passed a bill by a vote of thirty nine nothing that allows college athletes to earn money from their name image or likeness to sponsorship or endorsement deals starting in twenty twenty three okay that's all well and good but it gets worse it also bans schools from preventing athletes from getting compensation or retaining agents. so I'm gonna be playing football for Berkeley I'm only playing football for S. C. I'm gonna be playing football for state and I'm a freshman and I can have an agent. really. and I can make money on the side with my a okay except that the NCAA says that violates their their rules of the road. the bill bans schools from preventing athletes from doing those things as I told you. NC a a rules indicate that. athletes can forfeit their eligibility if they receive direct payment for participating in sports in practice restricting their compensation to tuition room board and a handful of other expenses on Wednesday the NCA board of governors told the California governor pooping needles Newsome that it would ban California athletes from competition if he signed the bill here's the crazy thing about this all right the crazy thing about this is this law will apply to all athletes at all public or private colleges and universities in the state. so UFC can't opt out USD can't opt out the private schools cannot stand for can't opt out. so why are they doing this well I think it's pretty clear whether doing this. they want. and you have to look this up John I don't know the numbers the number of student athletes in California universities. they want them all to become state employees. they probably want them all to become part of the public employees union as the state school the players from the state schools the private schools you know the permanency I you. looks like a. more than four hundred and sixty thousand NC double a student athletes in California I'm not and concern and held for you but I live across the U. S. okay okay so let me tell you what's going to happen now in the state of California. you can mark my words on this one watch what happens next in the state of California your. twelve football dreams are going in the garbage nobody is going to come and play here I don't care that the kid thinks he wants to make money. playing football for UCLA your state or or U. S. D. or and any any place nobody is going to want to come and play in this state because the people that are smart are not going to allow them to not play in big games. you you have to be able to play in the the CFA you have to be seen yeah I'm gonna be in the games okay you got to do all this kind of stuff it's it's it's that it's that simple what they're trying to do is they're taking a page from what perpendiculars did when he redefined marriage unilaterally their true they're doing after like we'll just passed a law it'll go to the Supreme Court the Supreme Court is a have to pay these athletes and that'll happen in ten years but for the next ten years watch how bad college sports become in California. because of honest if I. D. one swimmer if I'm a gym this if I'm a golfer if I'm of well god go I guess golf wouldn't really matter right because I can't really forfeit my eligibility I mean I can I can just go turn pro if I want it some point. but but the rest of that stuff forget it basketball hello no. to the no no no.

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