At Trade Deadline, the Mets Keep Their Arms and Vow to Contend


Can you believe that we got to the deadline and the mets turned out to be buyers because they sold nothing. They didn't trade syndergaard. They didn't Trae Zack Wheeler that in trade todd frazier. I guess they traded Jason Vargas yes but still the mets basically were buyers before the deadline. I don't get it Sarah. I don't get it and honestly even though people people were somewhat high on the mets entering this year. I don't think I even would have believed that if you told me that on March first hey we're going to get to the trade deadline. The mets are just GonNa get Marcus Stroman. Okay get rid of Jason Burs like I never I never would have believed that. I was pretty surprised I feel like they had some players that you know teams would've wanted. I think I even saw a rumor or about Luis avalon on twitter last night. I forget who it was saying. That teams are interested. I mean I don't understand necessarily not not doing those things and it's it's. It's just interesting. I mean now they're in this interesting situation with Zack Wheeler where I don't know that they're really even in the position where they would want to pay him the qualifying offer and if they if he does take it and if he doesn't then I'm sure they're not going to be in a position to really negotiate with what he's going to want. So that's an odd one one and I don't know I feel like they're just so many moves out there that can be made and one thing that we saw today is a lot of those kind of August I two thirty thirty first deals sort of happen today because they can't happen you know moving forward with the new way that it has this year like that Corey Dickerson trade to me seemed like a waiver kind of trade trade that we might see on August fifteenth and a previous year and is interesting with the mets didn't even attempt something like that. I mean one name that stuck out to me was John Ryan Murphy who is going going to the braves. I feel like you know he would probably be appreciably better for the mess right now. Then Wilson Ramos or Tomas Nido even if he were in a backup role you know maybe NATO's role and it was interesting to me that they didn't even come through on a on a move like that because if you are kind of claiming to go all in and then I would expect more on that side at the the very least so it's it's really an odd one to make one move and have it be like the big splash got this all going and then that's basically it. I would love to be the agent for Marcus Marcus Stroman right now because you talk about emotional leverage that he has on the mets during the wintertime. If you were to say you know what I'm looking for a contract and try to bully them into doing something because that deal was sort of the centerpiece of their whole summer kind of like Brodie van wagon in did last summer on behalf of Jacob degrom. He bullied the mets into an

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