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Umbrella movement how the international community's still kept in Hong Kong and showed a strongly support to Hong Kong and especially in Hong Kong the press freedom is continuing eroded by China. Most of the newspaper in Hong Kong has already sent in a site of Beijing so is necessary to get international media to support us and besides I will say that with the new generation political awareness required a miracle in last year September Election Nathan Nathan in-law booster umbrella of student leader Stuart Twenty four years old university student and his successfully being elected to the legislative council member and is the youngest lawmaker in Hong History. I belived before the umbrella data movement. No one will believe I universities and university student can become a legislator but with the spirit of umbrella movement and we just bring our voice and our courage from the street to the council from the civil society to the institution and it done we wish to go in last year September Joe It is you've talked to other journalists who covered this territory I wanted to do do people see this as something really localized to Hong Kong or some of this spirit of democracy movement do they see it crossing over into other parts of China. I think the hope is that the will cross over into other parts of China I when I took on this story yes

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