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McCann Yankee bachelors hot is the weather in the Bronx today fourteen it's eleven runs but not quite the water where you might have expected that a nine nothing lead Masahiro Tanaka stumbled in the sixth inning hit on the ground base it right rounding third is Murphy they're going to send them the scores talk with rose to second base it and an RBI by Desmond the Rockies with one out and known on have scored five straight runs here in the six John sterling here a little the Colorado never got close to reverse time became David Hale fired zeros yeah he's one of eleven five through translator Tanaka said the problem was was usually is favored pitch this border on a loss you know Los Los movement on this but obviously and you know can't give up that much many runs there you know regardless of not having a splitter you got to find a way to get through those innings he's go for the sweep tomorrow afternoon the day the Mariana Vera and Mike Mussina of formally inducted into the baseball hall of fame one because the other the Max finally found a way to cool off the hottest team in the National League playing at a high drive deep told why it's headed for the quarter it's looking and it is a about three quarters of the WCBS eight eighty calling Jeff reveals fitting homegrown Mets knocked off the giants level to form the Callaway props for what the future Walker Walker who kept San Fran and check with the first five innings be the ball really well kept the ball down we we talked about I really liked the slider tonight probably the best I've seen

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