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Search the park. Their big plays a lot of acreage up three hundred Acre Park beautiful jogging trails. There's a mansion there and a lot of places where people to look lots of places to look and that involved multiple canine teams it was an exhaustive search but no sign Jenner there were also no security cameras in the park heart to check so police canvas joggers motorists young moms with kids in tow to see if they'd seen general or anything unusual GENOCEA thing we're take no leads but plenty of compassion for tape I mean my heart goes out to those five kids that she has so. It's really devastating our town. Just a few miles from the park. New Canaan police officers checked on Jennifer's rental home. Officers went to the home started looking around trying to investigate to anything anything jump out at the officers right away at the house yeah the officers on scene saw substance in the garage which they believe the blood like and subsequently subsequently the chain of command including myself and then we gots our major crime squad involved so that's bad factor. Come across blood in the garage huge concern police would not say publicly what they believed that evidence meant Jennifer Friend Ron. Marie had her own reasons for not jumping conclusions. What do you think happened to our. Let's call it your speculation scared Stevens

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