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How are you good. I think we're jet lag doug. We're good you back and better than ever. very excited. You know everyone always says you should start your podcast by telling people to subscribe which we never do. Should we tell people I mean but come back after you subscribe subscribe to the podcast yeah right but I don't want them to get so excited that they abandoned the podcast. Go Oh L. Forget about the podcast people listening now or they're probably already subscribed but if you're not subscribed you should subscribe and you should review us and tell us that you you enjoy the podcast. That's how I'm starting that you don't we can take it. Yeah you see we are with. We're thick-skinned. I like to think that there's people driving with a friend in the passenger seat listening to this podcast with the very first time and then that's the one we're going to get your fantasizing about that and the friend is now signing them both up on their phone okay. This is great. okay excited. What about today's episode. I feel a little weird because it's it's called the leases secret recipe acts so it's my secret recipe hacks to no idea what we're in for uh-huh none top secret top secret but you are going to get a glimpse into a Pantry my brain and my life and how I eat every single L. dangle from ready for this. I am I am ready. You guys see me every day. So it's old hat I mean I I eat similar thing now. There's definitely I I have some idea of what's on deck and their things I had not known about that. You didn't know about me not at secrets. I'm shocked what you put in your blender. I you know I really want Uh. I think this is going to be a really exciting episode because this truly is a glimpse into I by like mad scientist work in the kitchen and things that I've been up to more more lately so I think it's cool and I hope that people are writing this down. So if you're somewhere where you can have a pen and a paper and not look like a Weirdo on a treadmill with a pet newspaper something you you should write it down if not just played over and over again or check out our show page at hungry dash girl dot com slash podcast. Yep and make sure you're signed up for those daily emails for the latest secret hacks to come out of Lisa's brain true true okay so before we get into the hacks. What are we starting with. Okay remember Archie mcphee. The pickled Candy Canes Yeah. Rt that's a website that has all weird great amazing stuff yeah yeah so last last year. They had pickle flavored. Candy Canes will now this year. Are you ready for the newest version. I can eat a drum roll. Kale Candy Canes Yeah Kale Flavored Candy Canes. I'm not sure if that's going to be a winner like the the pickle or pickled ones who are actually. I never the bigger ones where they're good. I don't know joy remember I probably did. I thought I saw them your last year. I've probably had for show but I'm sure I tasted them. Yeah I like pickle flavored stuff even if it's sweet but the sale will be fail fail. Kale flavored cal. I know who does know if they can't believe for Kale. Kale tastes good because you do stuff well. They also are going to come out with ham flavored and pizza-flavored so if you don't like the Kale I'm I would imagine ham or pizza that might be pretty tasty and willing to it on our food cast page If you WANNA go buy a box I will try all of those and I feel sure they're all going to be pretty gross. I want like cheesecake and Peach Cobbler like that's what I want. My Candy Canes Tasteless. I feel like this all stemmed from those Jones Soda Oda Holiday Sodas that tasted like stuffing and gravy and Thanksgiving. Whatever it's a gimmick I'll buy little I mean it's a choir taste but that cell array soda that Old Delhi Soda Celebrates your grandparents favorite yeah it tastes like celery but sweet celery and it tastes good so love that maybe the okay we'll be the same thing just Kale. You know what that's a good point. Mike we will give it a try. It will be gross won't tell us uh-huh okay. Are we ready to start the hacks all right so my first hack and it's a little recipe. It's something that I created. Maybe two weeks ago and I want you guys to try it. This is what I have called. I have named this a cereal milk law and I only came up with the name after I tasted it. and I thought wow this taste like cereal milk. Now I believe once I was like I'm so smart I created this thing and then I googled and cereal milk lot days exist but that's actually made made with milk from serial. This is not it just tastes like it so it's a time saver because you don't actually have to like put your cereal bowl of milk and exactly and no serious harmed armed or used for that or abused or anything so here's here are the things that I use and I'm going to rattle some stuff off that also could be used in other ways so like you should hear it ingredient and say oh. I know how I'M GONNA use that in the future so first thing I use I start with an instant vanilla coffee. Very a rare can't even find it these days. I buy it on Amazon Nurse Cafe. Look at this and says Frenchman and it's an other languages too so maybe this is not even even like an American pride and even know you could get flavored instant well you can and it's key for this so I mean if you don't have flavored instant vanilla. You can use the instant instant coffee of your choice starbucks. V. is good or whatever instant coffee like I recommend the next cafe French Vanilla that they sell on Amazon and Jamie. We're GONNA link. I right yeah heck. Ask because I'm going to be the first one all right so I use that. I use a teaspoon of that and then I add to that all right. This is an ingredient that I'm gonNA hate emails from this. I don't know but I use this to me. This is a secret weapon that I use it a lot of things. Is it natural no is is it healthy no but a little goes a long way and it will change your life enter coffeemate French vanilla sugar free powder Lula. Ah How retro totally Retro Okay Wait. I'm going to grab this and I'm going to read about it grew so here's the thing some people say oh. I keep the the liquid coffee. May It's not the same and I'm going to tell you why the liquid coffee mate to get the bang you need you get out of one tiny teaspoon of this. You need several tablespoons. You end up using fifty to one hundred calories worth of liquid for what you would get for about ten calories worth of the powder so that's a little known secret that people don't know so. This powder has thirty thirty calories a tablespoon. I never ever ever use a whole tablespoon. I use a teaspoon so potent ten calories delicious smelled us it smells like like ready whipped lipped and Bonilla heaven and even though there are some chemicals in us the tiniest so whenever I use this by away in anything and I'll use it in oatmeal use it in everything but I dissolve it in warm water. It gets clumpy if you don't do that so so I add this to the coffee coffee then I add. Here's another weird thing. You're going to be like what the heck are you talking about malted milk powder. We have in that's retro. Is it here okay. It's carnation and I don't know if we have it with us. Carnation malted milk powder and you're probably thinking my supermarket doesn't have it every supermarket. Has it again a serving of it. I think is three tablespoons for ninety calories. Well I use one. I use two teaspoons of it okay so I used to teaspoons of the Frenchman. Oh coffee made powder two teaspoons of the malted milk powder one teaspoon of the coffee. I add a little bit of cinnamon like an eighth of a teaspoon or something thing sometimes you could add a tiny bit of trivia if he wanted super sweet you don't need to but you dissolve that in a couple of like a quarter cup of hot water and you make sure it's dissolved then you

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