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Monterey Car Week 2019: Hi-Tech Meets High-End


Better faster greener super micro resource-saving server and storage systems with intel zeon scalable processors reduce the cost and environmental impact of your enterprise infrastructure learn more at super micro dot com. This is tech news briefing. I'm i'm tanya bustos reporting from the newsroom in new york with a look at monterey car week to be rich and to drive cars. The esteemed auto gathering has just wrapped in california. What will the world's top manufacturers come up with next by way of fast electric supercars they are the most expensive cars on the planet high tech gets high-end after these type cabins. A group of states is preparing a joint antitrust investigation into who big tech state attorneys general is expected to formally launch the effort as soon as next week. It is likely to focus on whether a handful of dominant tech platforms used their marketplace powers to stifle competition google facebook amazon and apple are four companies likely to be a focus on the new investigation all declined to comment john. D mckinnon covers more at You can also listen to the what's news podcast for the very latest exacts from amazon alphabets alphabet google and facebook. Tell us officials that they face difficult and expensive challenges to comply with a retroactive french law that puts a tax on global the digital service providers the trump administration is investigating the french law under a trade provision that allows for tariffs to penalize illegal or unfair trade practices ask for where things stand monday executives told a panel at the u._s. trade representative's office that they don't currently have precise data to monitor french users of their websites and add services in order to calculate the tax tesla will not making electric cars again offering to rent solar panels to homeowners homeowner's rentals are available in six states arizona california connecticut massachusetts new jersey and new mexico tests customers can cancel these leases at any time. The smallest system can generate fifteen to nineteen kilowatt hours of power on average daily. If california is an indication tend to fourteen kilowatt hours have been bank banked in new jersey according to tesla solar panels can still be purchased from tesla in all fifty states last month. Tesla told analysts at an earnings call. It was optimistic for its future consoler saying it's quote energy products business will grow and quote coming up electric vehicles reigns supreme at monterey car week better faster greener super micro resource-saving server and storage systems with intel zeon scalable processors reduced the cost and environmental impact of your are enterprise infrastructure learn more at super micro dot com this year monterey car week proved electric electric vehicles rain as high end car fiends. Get eco-friendly wrapping up in california. We're left with but some of its greatest hits a stock cars. We saw rides is like the s._f. Ninety straubel in honor of ferrari racing's ninetieth birthday. It is the company's first plug in hybrid also graced with the first british electric supercar per car dubbed the most powerful series car ever made this means two thousand horsepower and a zero to sixty miles per hour acceleration of less than three seconds just two million dollars. I give you the lotus via c._e._o. Filipo ffom tells us more. Its all electric <hes>. It's a beautiful car. We have to say hi. It's <hes> it's actually carved by air. I'm sorry carved by air zone the way that the <hes> the flow see the car to create downforce into reduce due strike and obviously helps to give the performance. We've made a real design feature of it. So is a beautiful wasco drako motors unveiled its new electric g._t._e. One million dollars eight eight modern supercar at least according to shave sickened drako motors executive vice president for us is very important of a usable com. So what you see here is actually you know a grant coupet or a grand coupe bright that can seat four people and carry their luggage one of the key. Things of our electric car is usability. That's what we want to give you with all these autonomous happenings. Let's talk control the all electric e. x. P. one hundred g._t. Is self driving and it gives the driver for the choice to take control or stay luxurious. It is a concept car and bentley says they're aiming for a twenty thirty debut brett boy del bentley head of interior cheerier design has more we just didn't buy in the future of sustainable electric future vehicles needs to be cold or needs to be unemotional and so that's why observation is still based on our heritage and our dna of emotional beautiful journeys connected to first class travel mid range cars also get their due at the signature event the quail for example acura showed off its type s concept car its upcoming tillich sedan a four motor electric super sedan they will seat for and propel them to two hundred six miles per hour gordon mccall the quail co-founder explains. How old meets new at the car show. Virtually every major manufacturer represented here with primarily their concept cars. They're giving everyone a look into the future about what they're up to. There's a lot of media that comes along with that to kind of get a glimpse of what these companies are up to and it's a great balance. We get to look back and see what the companies created years and years ago. We get to take a peek at what they're <hes> what they're thinking about rain the us in the future that does it for this edition of tech news briefing reporting from the newsroom in new york. I'm tanya bustos. Thanks for listening.

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Monterey Car Week 2019: Hi-Tech Meets High-End

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