Hulu And Netflix discussed on TV Rewind Podcast


And how they grew over the course of the series they were on and it was it was good for sure all right so that's our thoughts on orange. Which is the new black. We definitely would recommend that you check that out. I think it's probably the longest running netflix show they had now. 'cause house of cards ended last season so oh no and then last year so he's emma so go. Check it out and let us know what your thought about it about either jane. The virgin orange is the new we'd love to have your thoughts postmortem so with that will move onto record for later and give ever recommendation as something on t._v. Streaming or on d._v._d. My recommendation this week is unreal season for on hulu which was released many months ago but i just never got around to watching it so i started watching that this week and all boy stark and very dramatic attic and only eight episodes same just about a little bit more than halfway through the episodes and it's

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