Gordon Drinking, Sixty Five Pounds And Seventy Pounds discussed on Hotboxin' with Mike Tyson


Boxer has become very easy for me now box two hundred and sixty five pounds walk around two hundred and sixty five pounds well before I was walking around free injured and seventy pounds or more forums pieces to three seventy. I'll never staying shape. Uh in all seasons you were violent have finally after fighting three and four times a year like I was just boom always fighting now and train them on his school Gordon Drinking. Just I didn't have didn't have good life skills back then yeah. That's what I'm saying. Brain saw aw man brain should staying shake yeah keep running. Don't don't go to the gym you just keep running every day your car and your yeah keep the cardio yeah you know when he was doing all this cooking all the time. Did you catch many diseases laughable. That's

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