Oakland Raiders plan to suspend Antonio Brown after incident with GM


Antonio brown the situation in oakland has gone from bad to worse to perhaps implacable on wednesday bron reportedly got into a verbal altercation with general manager. Mike mayock the threatening to punch him this after the star receiver took to instagram to complain about being fined for missed practices. Well now the raiders reportedly planning on suspending a. b. Perhaps even trying to avoid his thirty million dollar guaranteed contract. Here's general manager. Mike mayock antonio brown's not in the building. Today won't be practicing <hes>. I don't have any more information for you right now and when i have some and it becomes appropriate you you guys all get it. I promise you but that's it for today. I'm not going to get into any of that stuff right now. I have a official announcement later but <hes> i'll. I'll be happy to answer the questions and you see the influence. I guess i'm not <hes> i'm not gonna get into all of it. Obviously <hes> was was it here today and <hes> when we have some information for you. We'll we'll give it to you. We haven't heard anything about a potential decision yet. I've been in touch sexual jon gruden. Mike may from the raiders of course antonio. We're trying to work through this. The goal is really to work everything out. Where is antonia nia. He's so in oakland and you know speaking for my behalf. My objective is to get things worked out between antonio and the raiders so he can fulfill. L. is contract and do what they brought him into do. I don't think it's too late to salvage that

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