Patriots C Andrews' season in jeopardy


Serious health news for the patriots one of the team's captain starting center David answers as blood clots in his lungs is twenty nineteen season now in jeopardy league sources have confirmed to ESPN's Mike Reiss he was hospitalized well growing undergoing tests to pinpoint the cause of the clouds on a positive note he reportedly was released from the hospital Monday night he did put twenty eight snaps in the patriots preseason win over the Panthers on Thursday night wasn't a practice the past couple of days top back up Sir for your veterans that take cares and James variance between the two of them you're talking about sixty eight career games but only five starts Michael junior I was guilty with offense of line what's the impact of this in your mind for the patriots I I think it's certainly concerning because of what the position of center usually occupies for most line it's a communicator it's someone who works hand in hand with the quarterback and listen it's a relationship was not documented all the time I feel like Peyton manning and Jeff Saturday night modern era really were that one where the show tomorrow we did pieces on them watching film together it's a very valuable relationship and as Tom Brady gets up there I'm sure the last change the better an offense that seems to thrive in it they have one of the better off ends of lines in the NFL and took a hit there's no question here you want the best for his health at the first and foremost of without worry about it but for the patriots on the field this is going to be an adjustment teddy keris is been a backup swing guy there for the last couple of years now but that's for a reason yeah you get comfortable right yeah eggs especially if you're craving know you're one of the greatest ever in Tom Brady you so there's a comfort level the same guy in front of all by the way his career Andrews has been won AAC championship game and the rest Super Bowl correct in five years yeah it's been amazing to leave a bowl and blood clots when you just don't mess with it all you do not throwing a whole ism and that could enjoy like me and that's that's house that is again out of the realm of that you know in the end goal type injury this is like whoa hold on I mean that's what killed their Thomas yeah I mean after the car crash he it was a blood clot and they didn't catch it and that's what that that's literally killed him so you you can not mess with that stuff when it comes to that so first and foremost we hope his health is okay and then we'll figure out from there with the

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