University Of Michigan And Football discussed on Attack Each Day: The Harbaughs' Podcast


Just coming here being able to work here to university of michigan and is feels like home. How excited you to get out there and call some plays and senior guys. Put your offense out onto the football very excited. I just think got you know where we are. Offensively really excited about. <hes> you know the potential that we have you know i think we've got a special group of young players. They done an unbelievable job and camp. <hes> execunet cnet a very high level. They're at that point now where they're ready to hit somebody else ready to run plays against everybody else and so <hes> you can see the intensity raising in practice. Listen <hes> we'll look forward to being able to execute it level on saturdays in the future coach when a guy comes in and takes over a program so you're on your fifth year. It takes a lot of really established depth. Is that across the board recruiting.

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