Baker Mayfield clarifies what he said about Daniel Jones to GQ


It's new article in juke g. c._q. Where baker mayfield said. I cannot believe the giants took. Daniel jones blows my mind. Some people were thinking that's where people go wrong. They forgot. You've got a win. Win course baker one in college. Gale jones did not but i mean the point could if we wanted to decipher wins and losses. There's lots of great college quarterbacks that were drafted. They've got opportunities that have not been great pro quarterback danny waffle you know i mean look just even more recent like vince young i i vince young matlock venture was rookie of the year he he might so he will heed one early like it. It gets harder not easier. Yes it gets hard because now okay now. We know what you do now. We'll go back and watch the chargers film where you know that line just wants to stand you up. Make you make you stay in the pocket and throw over the top because you're small and you can't see and we'll see we'll see what the ravens did. Look baker mayfield was good last year. Let's act like he tore up. The league behan touchdown receptions against the good teams they he played against. They beat up on the bengals. The bengals the team at the time they played the bengals. The bengals were on track to have the worst defense in the history of the league and they played the ravens twice the chargers chargers steelers the texans the broncos broncos to make the playoffs char steelers did neither but those are the five actually six best defense played against ten touchdowns love interceptions fifty seven percent completion percentage. There were two and four now if you if you give context and say hey cleveland won one game in two years for the got there and look at how people view them now. Oh that's fair and people believe baker mayfield's gonna damn good quarterback bliss on act like he went out and did what pat mahomes did last year exact same guy no missed completely really different now. The the thing with banco is all eyes are on cleveland so all eyes on you you better give him something because if if you fall on your face all these wide you draft daniel jones all these <hes> do johnson deal talking about luke johnson's money. Oh you know hugh took a job in cincinnati. I don't like him for all this stuff that you're doing all these theatrics they don't get thrown back in your face and so if you can dish it out you better be able to handle it when it comes back and and that's what i don't know if he understands that could possibly happen. I'm sure he's not thinking they're going to fail but to understand. You got a lot of prime time games. You better perform

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