Apple Health: Once the companys ambition, now has stalled


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I'm ali would <music> while they're back in two thousand eighteen. It seemed like apple was really going to upend the health industry. The company announced an app that could monitor your heart rate and detect irregularities. It was bringing your medical records to your iphone. It even launched its own healthcare clinics employees and families which people saw as a trial balloon for understanding the industry but this week c._n._b._c.'s christina far reported that several people have left the apple health division. We called her up for quality assurance. The segment where we take a deeper look at big tech story. She told us the employees were frustrated. It over the company's lack of organization and ambition so there's definitely been some tension in timely about you know where to focus on their sicker patients who are definitely definitely more costly to the system or just to build more of these sort of wellness tools for the every day us <hes> <hes> who may or may not deeply care or even need these products products and when you have seen them say. Let's go in the medical direction. I think there's also been tension about how they roll out those products because it may not make sense wants to have a splashy apple launch just like they do with any other tool or feature for a product that is more medical and scope <hes> that typically you see in the medical we'll space <hes> much more focused and targeted launches that include a lot of conditions and a lot of transparency and not just really isn't natural to apple right and isn't it fair to say it shouldn't be too much of a surprise that apple wouldn't necessarily pivot hard in the direction of really overhauling the health care system since you know i mean you could really argue that. Its primary focus is to create features and or services that sell hardware. That's how it makes. Its money absolutely and some employees recognized that and perhaps those is the the employees that remain happy at the company and a thriving there <hes> but if you're a company like apple you're one of the largest if not the largest company in the world right now now and there are people who are very ambitious who want to do something more <hes>. Many of these people either had a medical background where they joined apple health because they had a passion for the space. Maybe it was their own brush with the healthcare system or a loved one and they want to do something more and so for those people i can imagine it being difficult difficult well. An apple is not the only company who is sort of tried to come at the healthcare industry in some way and yet it feels like a lot of those efforts have stalled. I wonder do you think the tech industry runs into the health industry and goes wow this is harder than we thought yes <hes> and the cultures between these two sorts of industries is so different in medicine the biggest <hes> idea that sort of everybody believes in is that we should do know home which is really kind of a risk of us in slightly conservative philosophy in attack. It's all about you know moving fos and breaking things and these two visions for how to move forward don't necessarily work <hes> when there are pushed together dr christina far is a health and tech reporter for c._n._b._c. and now for some related links we of course have a link to christina's piece about the apple departures over at marketplace tech dot org as for other big tech companies representatives from amazon alphabet apple and microsoft met with big healthcare providers in d._c. Last month a yahoo story about those meetings has a nice round up of the efforts by the four companies in the healthcare space and it notes that microsoft alphabet specifically are all about using artificial intelligence for future healthcare developments whether it's disease detection or reducing adducing costs with better healthcare records keeping however on wednesday the co founder of google's a._i. Lab called deep mind was apparently placed on leave <unk> over some controversial projects. One of those controversies came in two thousand seventeen hospital in london was working with deep mind on a project to help doctors diagnose patients ask who might be at risk of kidney problems but you know how a._i. Requires a lot of data and the hospital was accused of illegally sharing one point six million patient records leads with the mind and a little plug here over at wired dot com. I've got a column this week about that exact problem a._i. And machine learning need a lot a lot of data to do things that can literally save lives but we're a little sketchy about handing it over these days because of well stories like that one matt that party and stephanie who's produced marketplace tech tro is our senior producer sarah gear and robin edgar engineer the show. I'm ali would have a great weekend everyone. This is a._p._n. This marketplace podcast is brought to you by intercom income. What's more of the nice people visiting your website to give give you money so they took a little chat bubble in the corner of a website and packed it with conversational bots product tours n._p._s. Surveys all sorts of things that amplify your team and help you reach more nice people in our comm- customer unity got forty five percent more loyal users with intercom in just twelve months go to intercom dot com slash podcast to start making money from real time chat then see everything else intercom can do. That's intercom dot com slash podcast.

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