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We've gotten to the end of the week Russia thirty minutes since the equity market open off to a wild week the stock six hundred is up six tenths of a percent off the two days of declines looking at industry groups what you're seeing is one of them actually in the green utilities tech and telecoms and healthcare leading the gains that's interesting that defensive sectors I seem to be out performing some of them at least on Europe's equity benchmark I we've had a notification from the and I see that as a delay it to the opening of foot see one hundred and two fifty seems to be due to some technical issues so we don't have forty one hundred trading at the moment CAC forty up seven tenths of percent know the tax also in the green up eight tenths of a cent on the ibex on foot see may also trading higher worlds of seeing a some green on the screen it with the U. S. futures S. and P. five hundred even ease up seven tenths of a cent nasdaq futures high by almost nine tenths of percent in Dow futures up six tenths of percent wild swings as what we saw on the S. and P. five hundred yesterday but we did manage to eek out a gain of a quarter of a percentage point in the end off to plunging three percent the day before of course that came off that historic in version of the two's tends yields because for the first time since two thousand and seven if we look at the two stands right now we're at three basis points were back in positive territory the question becomes do we we invite and if we do do we stay there for how long it is it really the re steepening off to that that you truly need to fear the ten year drop below one point five percent for the first time since twenty sixteen yesterday we back up three basis points I'm on a one fifty six handle but we have talked about twenty basis points will not ten year yield this week and the thirty eight year old has dropped below two percent for the first time since twenty sixteen were up four basis points now on a two a one handle we've seen to the ten year JGB yields hit negative twenty five in this session we close at negative twenty three though ten year bund yield at negative seventy but we are seeing some back up in yields across Europe generally in terms of other safe havens bank America has said that we've seen a huge inflow to safe havens vertically this week Dalian flat now though one of six sport twenty and will bear out she heading for a weekly game demi Saiyan brands both of more than one percent step which I fifty five spot nineteen printed fifty eight to spot ninety

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