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Jawf alex has played less than thirty top-flight league games and has won more international captain usuals <hes> pity costs one hundred twenty six million euros and he's looked so good in preseason that people in madrid are saying antoine. Who are you surprised. I don't want to get over-excited. But how often have we seen somebody show young. I i want to get excited. I want you know. I want to go overboard because we saw him last season. Remember the european league and and and the analogous as well and so what we've been fica but it was always a question mark okay but can do in a bigger league in a bigger club blah blah blah and we simoni. How is that gonna work out together bluff and now i have to say i've been surprised how quickly adopted in preseason he was outstanding in can await for for for for the weekend in the stav alita to see how he does in in those much because the taiwanese incredible and he's he's been so good or ready and he's a different player than then grysman and moscow's many gore's or he will have a huge impact on the tim fischer.

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